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I am lookin desperate for one of the last f717 out there at a affordable price. I found one at 500$, new! can someone please direct me to other trusted stores? Pls, pls, is really urgent!
THNX a lot!

PS: if you know stores that offer camera bundles is even greater (like tripods, memoryStick, etc)
thnx a lot, ovidiu
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Well.... there are a lot of scam artists around using "bait and switch" techniques with very nice looking web sites.

It is very unlikely that you'll be able to buy this camera in new condition for$500.00 without some kind of catch (very high unauthorized shipping and insurance tacked on, items missing from the box - like the camera itself, etc.).

Most of the bait and switch type dealers are located in Brooklyn, and won't sell you a camera for the advertised price, unless you agree to buy lots of addons at inflated prices (memory cards, extended warranties, batteries, etc.).

They typically call you to "confirm" your order, and then the sales pitch begins. If you refuse to buy the overpriced addons, then they'll probably refuse to ship it to you (or they'll ship you a partial order with high unauthorized shipping and insurance tacked on, and when you try to return it and dispute it with your credit card company, they'll try to keep the shipping and insurance, as well as a restocking fee, since the restocking fees are displayed in the policies on their web site.

I'd make sure to ask about any dealer you are considering here first.

In addition to the customer reviews in the price search engines, also check each dealers reputation carefully using http://www.reselleratings.com, and avoid dealers with a small number of customer reviews (vendors have been known to pad their own ratings with glowing reviews).

It appears that the non-stocking dealers are sold out now, based on what I am seeing in the price search engines.

The vast majority of the internet vendors you see order from the same distributors, and don't *really* stock anything. Your order is simply passed on to a major distributor (Techdata, Ingram Micro, etc.), with the distributor drop shipping the order with custom shipping labels, packing slips, etc. that make it look like it came from the vendor you placed your order with.

So, when one is sold out, most are sold out (with only the scam artists that don't really have the camera left -- with the exception of larger, stocking dealers).

Here is what I'm seeing in the price search engines now (only vendors with a small number of customer reviews left have it at a good price, and vendors have been known to "pad" their own ratings).

So, I wouldn't personally order it from anyone at the price you think you found.


For example, here is a customer review on resellerratings.com for the lowest priced vendor that shows it new (and I personally wouldn't trust the reviews in the search link above, since apopular, reputable vendormayhavea thousand or more good customer reviews):


BTW, most of the "bundles" are at inflated prices. Bundling packages with very poor quality items (poor quality add on lenses, cheap tripods, inflated price memory, etc.) is another common tactic that vendors use to make money on models they advertise at below cost.

But, IMO, all of the non-stocking online vendors aren't going to be able to get this camera in new conditon anymore anyway.

You'd probably be better off finding a used one in good condition.

You may want to ask around about eritech.com. It looks like they are new to the price search engines, but they do claim to have4 left in refurbished condition at $425.00 (although this may not be *factory* refurbished). They appear to be located in California (address shown on their web site), so they're probably not associated with the Brooklyn based scammers.

It also looks like they do business on Ebay:


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