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I want to switch from my film SLR (X-700) and Olympus C-3040z to a digital SLR.

What should I look at when buying a dSLR camera. Ianother thread someone mentioned the lenses because you ogten keep the lenses and get a new body.

QUOTE-terry at softreq.com:
D70 is a nice camera but I don't like Nikon's dark, tunnel vision viewfinders. You can go with the basic kit lens but why put a $100 lens on a $1,000 camera?

How are they tunnel vision viewfinders?

Anything like that to consider?
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I'm just a newbie but I would say that you need to pick a SYSTEM that you want (Canon or Nikon). Clearly once you pick a system, the lens and other stuff will fit into place...

The Canon 20D is supposed to be more elite than the Nikon D70. The cost clearly indicates this (Canon is around 40% more expensive).

Read as many reviews as you can and then base your decision on them. Read Steve's reviews (if he has any) and then read other reviews from dpreview.com, dcresource.com, etc (if they have them). Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two:


Comparing specs may not reveal much since DSLRs depend more on other qualitative factors. In any case, you should read the reviews from as many sites as possible.

Here is a comparison of pic quality between 20D and D70 (courtesy dpreview.com):


Hope that helps...
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