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Have you had a look at the Pbase photo gallery of the FZ20. It can give you a good idea of what it can do and since there are pictures taken by more experienced people as well as novice, you will surely see many of its features

For my part, I do not know the camera personally, but I know that many users recommended it because they love it.
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There are only a FEW cameras with zoom and image stabilization. If those are key criteria then the FZ20 can't be beat by similar priced (or lower) cameras IMO. I don't really think you will find too many cameras simliar to it. The main ultra-zoom competitors come from Fuji, Olympus, and Konica Minolta (Canon only has the mid-end 3MP S1 IS and the high-end Pro1). None of these are better than the FZ20 IMO...

If you just want to compare cameras in other categories, then you may want to look at cameras like the Canon G6 or Sony V3 or stuff like that. These are low-zoom cameras so they clearly don't have zoom but I would argue that they are better for general photography than the ultra-zooms...

Another choice, if cost isn't a big deal, is to look at high-end prosumer cameras. Examples include the Canon Pro1, Sony F828, and Konica Minolta A2. These usually have 7 megapixels on a 2/3" sensor with around 6x zoom. I would claim that these are better than any ultra-zoom (like Panasonic FZ20)...

So to sum up, I consider the FZ20 to be the best ultra-zoom. If you want high-zoom and image stabilization, you pretty much have no other choice... the only way to beat the FZ20 is to start looking at other factors where ultra-zooms usually don't fare well. For example, I would argue that the low-zoom cameras (eg. Canon G6) or the high-end prosumers (eg. Canon Pro1) would beat the FZ20 for low-light situations, where these will produce less noise due to their larger sensor and/or can take pics at greater aperature (eg. Canon G6 at F2.0 at wide-angle).

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That's all I needed to hear! Thanks, I was pretty much sold and just making sure I wasn't looking before I leap.
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