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Currently, I own a FujiPix S5000. It s a good camera if you know how to use it. Well I'm not one to mess with all the settings. I always come out with blurry pictures when it comes to action shots. I have the setting on action and the flash on and they're still blurry. For instance, I took the camera to my company Christmas party. The lighting was dim in the room and I was trying to capture action shots (people dancing) and I set it on Action with the flash open and the shots were dark and blurry. I, of course, didn't bring my manual with me to see why this was happeningor what I could do to make it better. I don't want to have to do that every time I use this camera and I'm tired of tweeking and tuning everything. I always forget how to tweek and tune it anyway.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I just want a camera that I can turn on and take clear action or still pictures every time. Just like with a film camera. Please tell me what camera would be good for me. Thanks!
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The Fuji you mentioned will take excellent flash photos. You just have to be within the range of the flash. What is the effective range of your camera's flash? How far away were your subjects?

At any rate, the "action" setting is the wrong one to use. Although I haven't read your instruction manual, I would think that the action setting is for outdoor use,whereyou can get the the high shutter speeds needed for pics of rapidly moving objects. This setting would be inappropriate for indoor flash use.

If you are within the range of the flash, you should get good exposure. You don't have to worry about shutter speeds, as the speed of the light burst itself effectively becomes your "shutter speed".

Before dumping the camera, you might read the instruction booklet and find out what the effective range of the flash is. Then set the camera on automatic, and take some shots indoors w/flash, again at subjects within the flash's range. I would bet that your pics come out just fine. Let us know how the pics come out, or better yet post few here and then we can possibly tell you more about what is going wrong.

You don't have to continually tweak and turn everything, as just about all digital cameras have an automatic setting that makes the camera do everything for you.


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Your camera can take flash pictures out to 18 feet in telephoto and 20 feet wide. That is pretty good and you can't find cameras with a lot more range than that with the internal unit. You probably wouldn't be happier with another camera.

If you are shooting within that 18 foot range in regular program mode and still getting dark and blurry pictures you might look in your manual for instructions to reset everything to the original defaults – most cameras will do that. You could have reduced the flash intensity or something.

If you are trying to shoot over 20 feet with the flash you need a camera with a hot shoe or flash sync. You probably don't want to bother with an external flash unit though.

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if you want acmaera for action and real fast auto focus check out nikon d70 reviews ,it willauto focuse and shoot at 3 frames per second and focus at .02 of second
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