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I need a camera to take pictures of houses. Optical is not good as I like to leave the camera on all day and the zoomed lens doesn't fit in a shirt pocket. I would use it outside so I would just use the optical viewfinder not the LCD.

Here's my requirements:
  1. At least 4x or 5x digital zoom
    NO optical zoom
    has optical viewfinder
    Not too small (no ultra compact)
    resolution is not important: I just use 640 x 480
    A dock would be helpful
    utilitarian camera - picture quality need not be ultra high

I have used the 5x digital only zoom A300 by canon which is pretty good, but the lense cover/switch has now degraded and it is hard to activate the switch to turn the camera on.

The hp photosmart 435 also has a 5x dig. zoom.

The Samsung Digimax U-CA501 is also 5x digital, but it is 5 megapixels and more camera than I want.

I want a camera that is a compact to a bit bigger (from the size of the canon a310 to a canon a75) I just bought a coolpix 3700 but it is just too small.

I look forward to hearing opinions on these cameras as well as others that fit the bill. something the a300 does not have.
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:?: I don't understand what you are referring to when you say optical is not good and you would prefer digital?? Are you talking about consuming too much power or something? What's wrong with getting, say, a low-zoom (3x) optical zoom ultra-compact camera? I'm not really sure what you are trying to achieve... are you going for something as small as possible?
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I think he's trying to say that he wants a camera that doesn't have an extending optical zoom lens since he likes to always keep the camera on and in his shirt pocket all day. He also takes most of the photos outside so he wants a good optical viewfinder so the LCD is not as important. A low megapixel count is alright for him since he only takes 640 X 480 pictures. He doesn't want an ultra-compact camera because it might be to small for him.

If this is what he's trying to say, there may be a few point that can be addressed.
  • If you want to leave the camera on all day, wouldn't you want one that has a huge battery life?[/*]
  • Why do you want to leave the camera on all day? A lot of compact cameras can be ready from powering on to first shot in less than 2 seconds. Is that too long for you?[/*]
  • There are a few cameras that have a folded optical zoom so that there are no extending lens to get in the way in a shirt pocket. The Dimage X series come to mind.
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Subliminal interpreted my post correctly.

Btw, I expect that without a moving lens and an lcd on, the battery cost of leaving the camera on all day would probably be negligable. I've learned now that my present canon a300 lenscap-switch is getting uncooperative, that I can just turn off the energy saver option and I don't have to worry about whether the camera is going to turn on each time.

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