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I am buying my wife her first Digital camera for Christmas.

The Canon A95 ranks pretty high on every reviewers list and at $300 seems a very good bargain. Although I have to admit that most of the review details is jibberish to me. I dont understand all the buzz about cycle times, purple fringing, etc. etc.etc. I usually just read the conclusions.

The A95 has some benefits like cheap CF flash cards, can use rechargable AA batteries plus has good image quality.

I have also looked to see if there is still a "better" but still affordable choice.

For example, the Olympus C-7000 is about $160 more street price. Would I be getting a better camera? I know it is a 7MP camera and can make larger prints. But will there be a difference at 8X10 or smaller. It also has a little more zoom. Is it faster? Better lens? More durable? Does it have more useful features that a beginner can use? Ordoes it just have a lot of things that a more knowledgeable person can take advantage of?

I guess whatI asking if there is a camera around $100-150 more that the A95 that someone would be more satisfied longterm than just buying the A95 and forgedaboutit!!
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I just got my wife an Olympus C7000, it's small with fast startup. She likes the 5x lens. This is her first digital camera and so far she loves it. Takes great pictures, the menus are fairly straight forward. The flash has to be poped up manually. All in all seems like a lot of camera. I am fairly new to digital cameras also, but sure like this one. Regards, bisonboy
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The main difference would be 7MP vs 5MP, rather than the other issues like zoom, memory card format, batteries, etc.

I'd say both are almost equally good but for slightly different buyer segments. Olympus makes some of the most solid cameras in the market today (I have 2) and the A95 is part of the awesome (and cheap) Canon A-series (my brother has a A80). Both should take reasonable good pics.

If you always/often print large sizes, then the 7MP would be worth it (but only if you use the sensor at the max resolution).

However, the more MPs = big files = big memory = big $$$. So please factor it in. (It's a bit like buying a car, the bigger the engine capacity, the more gas it would require to keep it on the road.)

I was in a similar dilemma a few months ago with the C770UZ and C7000Z (and also Canon G6 and Panasonic FZ20). But in the end I decided that I don't actually need the 7MP ones (4MP is plenty for me). Size is a factor for me for the FZ20 was almost immediately out, but I do like the Leica lens. So I end up with the C770UZ which I love and have no regrets whatsoever (and it's the cheapest of the whole lot at just below $500 with extra battery, soft case and USB xD-card reader thrown in).

However, there are other factors to consider as well. So just weigh out the pros and cons and you should be on your way.
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