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I'm looking for a top-quality digicam that can produce excellent indoor pics with realistic skin tones, no red-eye and covers 28-200mm (35mm equivalent). Which option would you choose? Why?

Option #1:
Canon G6
Canon 220EX
Canon WC-DC58N
Canon TC-DC58N
Canon LA-DC58D

Option #2:
Nikon Coolpix 8400
Nikon SB-600
Nikon TC-E3 ED
Nikon UR-E4

Option #3:
Nikon Coolpix 8800
Nikon SB-600
Nikon WC-E80
Nikon UR-E8

Option #4:
Olympus C-5060
Olympus FL-20
Olympus TCON-1.7
Olympus CLA-7

Option #5:
Olympus C-8080
Olympus FL-20
Olympus TCON-14D
Olympus CLA-8

Option #6:
Minolta A200
Minolta 2500D

Antonio G.
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You ask for a 28-200 camera with no redeye. You always get redeye to some degree with a built-in flash – just measure the distance between the lens and flash to see how much. An external unit usually avoids it except at long ranges and bounce flash eliminates it completely. So the flash units take care of the redeye.

Skin tones vary. I don't think there is a camera that gets every race and complexion right and still gets the brilliance you might want otherwise. Raw mode helps IMO in that you can tweak the white balance and other settings just as if you were doing it in the camera looking at your computer screen. I have found raw mode to be very limited unless the camera will buffer raw shots. Most won't. I know the KM A2 will, but I don't know about the A200. It is in some ways a cheapened A2 and I wouldn't consider one without reading a good test report to know what has really been dropped in capabilities. Megapixel has a limited report – I can't find the buffering for example.

So in looking for a 28-200 eq. zoom you list:
and alas – a 28-200
The only thing listed even close to your requirements other than the A200 is the 8080. It has a slightly faster lens for action, but I would take the stabilization personally unless it is primarily for action shooting. The A2 has a better EVF and better focusing. And I know it buffers raw shots, which I would consider a requirement. The A200 will eventually be cheaper, but the pre-orders are currently higher than the A2.

The only other 28-200 I know of is the Sony 828. A little faster lens but heavy and bulky with no stabilization. Good quality but the lens has a bit more CA.

I personally think the A2 is the best prosumer camera on the market. Maybe the A200 is as good and it has a nice articulating LCD. It certainly doesn't have the great high resolution EVF. Phil thinks it might be cheaper because it seems to be designed to sell cheaper. Minolta claims 3 f-stops for the anti-shake. That means you can handhold in 1/8 the light. 3 f-stops might be on the high side, but you can take some pretty amazing available light shots. I have a Panasonic with stabilization and won't ever buy another large camera without it.

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I think he is trying to get 28mm by using wide-angle adapter lenses...
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