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OK I think I'm narrowing things down abit....BUT would like advice between these models...
Canon A95 - I like manual controls and photo quality, I don't size and not great wide angle.

Fuji F810 - I like size and manual controls, I don't like photo quality issues and reviews have been less than favorable.

Sony P150 - I like size and photo quality, I don't like limited manual controls and not great wide angle.
So what I'm looking for is a cross between all of these!!!!

I just need a small camera that I can play around with and take some family shots etc...but have something there when I need to delve a little more deeply into digital photography.

SO...again any help would be appreciated....I feel as though I'm hedging towards the F810 (although I do think also it's the most expensive?).
Many thanks in advance!!
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Good question. I'm torn between the Fuji F810 and the Sony 150. Did you ever decide?

As far as I can tell, they both take excellent pictures, and are about tied with advantages and disadvantages.

The Fuji has a bit more zoom, and captures every tiny detail. Baby hairs are very clear in this camera. I've seen pictures in Fuji's soft mode fixing the slight overhsrpening/halo issues. The downside IMO is the xd card, and having having to take 12m images to get HQ jpeg.
The large screen is great, but apparently it doesn;t gain up in the dark. Lastly the fuji has a larger dynamic range.

The sony has a great lens and perfect focus from edge to edge, but it seems to slightly soften details in noice reduction. The Sony does better in low light. Also the sony uses a slightly cheaper memory stick. The Sony has a smaller screen. But the Sony seems more straight forward, and has fewer quirks.

I'm going to read more reviews and decide soon, but basically they seem equal. I sort of suspect I can get better pictures out of the Fuji, but with more tweaking. Whereas the Sony should take very high quality pictures with little trouble.

A great review site is: http://www.imaging-resource.com/

btw, the a95 IMO is out becasue it's big, not that much cheaper, and it's colors are overly saturated by default. Also screen is small for that size camera.
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Read about the P150 problems and buy it at your peril! There are a number of posts in the nSony forum, and the considered opinion seems to be that there is a focus lock problem in low light, which I have found to my cost to be true. Have a look at the Canon S60/S70 which is much better at the same money.
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I'm surprised to hear Sony has a low light problem, and will have to check out the forum.

This extremly through review http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/P150/P15A.HTM
said the Sony 150 was one of the best low light cameras he'd ever seen. By comparison, the E550 which is the same as the F810 sans focus lamp, was reviewed pretty poorly for low light.

The Canon's produce likable quality, but they're all bulky for the quality, including the S series IMO. The ultra compact Canon's aren't the greatest quality.

btw, I'm leaning towards the Fuji F810 presently. It's the same size as the Sony 150, has a large screen, and takes extremly detailed photos. I also like the manul modes and extra controls on the body.
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I am waiting for if to buy p100; the only thing that is not still sure is the quality of the photos in indoor without flash. Even if lcd it is 1.8" is the same one; it is much luminous one and others digicam with lcd larger have resolution much lowland. I must only verify photo of indoor with Sony P100-150 without flash and if these are good I decide for Sony. Thanks
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