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I purchased a Nikon 8700 and I am about to return it. I am a true novice whose only experience with photography has been the olympus c-50. I tried to take pictures of my kids at night in front of the christmas lights using the scene mode. I used a tripod and used the timer. The camera would not focus and in one picture the kids could be seen and I was like a ghost. Sorry for the length of the question. I am considering purchasing the Canon Rebel instead. Is there an easy to use slr or prosumer camera that can take great pictures? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Let me say there are some great prosumer and DSLR cameras available. However, if your primary concern is "easy to use" you probably don't want to be spending the money on these cameras. What makes them great, especially DSLRs is their flexibility. But, in order to benefit from that flexibility you have to be willing to spend time and learn about the camera and photography. There are plenty of excellent digicams that will take great pictures and will not be as complicated. Now, in the situation you described (kids in front of the Christmas tree) can be complicated - especially if say there is a window in the background with daylight outside. The DSLRs, prosumers and any digicam with Manual, Tv or Av mode will allow you to take a picture in this situation, but it is YOU, not the camera that will have to do it. So, the question is: do you want to learn photography or do you just want to take good pictures 'out of the box'? Neither is wrong but I'd hate to see you spend $1500 on a DSLR and shoot the same picture in Auto mode and still come up with undesirable results.
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