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I'm trying to decide... Thanks for giving me your thoughts.

Forget the Olympus c-505Z... it's too expensive.

My needs... AA batteries (don't want to miss a shot), my eyes need a LARGE LCD, small body is nice-- I can't go ultra small because I can't hold them still, mostly family candid shots... inside, no bigger than 8 x 10--- but like to crop too, would like camera to handle large number of good quality shots when traveling (will buy large card... but can't buy several large cards), would like opportunity to add tripod and haveself timer, Red eye reduction, with kids--- speed would be important too.

Is there a search engine that allows battery type and LCD screen size?

Canon A95, Sony DSC-W1 (or maybe another Olympus... or Kodak... or HP???)

These models seem to meet most of my requirements like LCD, AA... but I get lost on the speed factor, the interior shot comparison. I understand I should give up MP to get the other features... since I don't plan on large prints (other than my cropping needs).

Olympus seems to have many cameras with AA batteries... similar MP... and LCD. Obviously there is something different about them... maybe something that better matches my needs?

Thanks for offering your experience and knowledge.

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For those interested... this site:


allows you to search by battery type and LCD screen size.


I'm learning!
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I think most digital cameras have LCDs these days. One
factor which is very important is the power of the flash.
Indoor family pics are common and a weak flash results in poor pics
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This site has been soooo helpful to me... I thought I'd share my unprofessional opinion... incase somehow, someone would find it helpful.

I tried the Canon A95 and the Sony W-1 with 6 "identical" just out of the box shots... point and shoot using only the automatic setting... nothing fancy. (These photos were made in my living room at night with "normal" lighting conditions.)I realize that I have a problem holding the camera still... please know that I understand the problem is me... but here's my results--- 2 of my A95 quick portrait type shots were fuzzy... guess subject or I moved... the W-1 ones were clear. The biggest surprise... I had my youngest daughter moving on purpose for 2 shots... jumping up and down for one and swinging her head side to side for the other. The A95 one's were fuzzy... HOWEVER, the W-1 ones were CLEAR!!!! It was probably just a double miracle... but enough for me to make my decision. Any camera that would give me a clear shot when all I thought was possible was for it to be fuzzy... had to get my vote.

I purchased the W-1... immediately, went on a trip... returned just in time for Christmas... no time to learn about the camera at all! I did get some great pictures and some fuzzy pictures! I've been studying other post on how to improve my shots in the future through camera adjustments. I'm looking forward to trying myslightly educated skillsagain!

Thanks again to everyone who posts on this site... to the moderators and especially to Steve for being so generous sharing his knowledge andgetting it started!!!

Happy New Year!

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W1 is my pick for the best "small" budget camera...so you picked a good camera. Unfortunately, it has very few manual controls though (A95 has full controls)...

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