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I have been looking at the reviews on the 8x-12x Digital cameras trying to figure out which one would be most appropriate for action photography. My son participates in four sports in high school and would love to start photographing the events. I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Most digital cameras seem to take a long time to focus and there seems to be a lag once you "snap" the picture. The zoom is a must and speed is essential due to the action.

Please help and Thanks much.

Confused Amatuer Photograher.
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for predictable results, to catch the shot that you are hoping for, you must get a dslr with the appropriate lenses. ie nikon d70 or canon d10/d20. otherwise, you can have nice success with panasonic fz20. one lens, 36-432mm image stabilized zoom. big cost tradeoff means many more unsuccefull shots with the fz20 vs the dslr, but it is only a 500.00 camera, vs 2500.00 for the dslrs.
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What sports is he in? The reason I ask is the one area digicams are going to perform poorly in is inside sports (like basketball or vollyeball). Even the FZ20, which has great zoom and has a constant f/2.8 aperature won't let you set the ISO high enough to stop action well in these low light scenarios. The people I have spoken with that shoot indoor sports usually use a 2.8 or 1.8 lense - if 2.8 then ISO is usually at 1600 - most digicams show significant noise above ISO 200. If it's wrestling it may not make as much of a difference as the action is not as quick. I'm not trying to sway you towards an SLR - no need to spend thousands of dollars if you don't have to. Just be advised that you may have to focus primarily on his outdoor sports.
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