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I want a digicam to do video . Lowframe rates are not

a problem as there s/b s/w to interpolate to 30 or better fps to

create afull home movie .

Minolta Z2 does NOT have USB 2.0 ! But claims SVGA at 15 fps .

I have not seen anything above VGA at 30 fps .

Is there a camera that does 800x600 and has a USB 2.0 ?

Paul werty at swiss info dot org .
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Digital Still Camerasdon't stream video to the USB port. They write to a memory card in the camera. Then, you transfer the video files (stored on the memory card in the camera) via the USB port later to a PC (the camera appears as a removable drive when connected to a PC via USB).

So, you're just as well off buying a camera that meets your needs without worrying about the type of USB interface. Then, buya card reader to read the video files from the camera's memory card later if you want faster transfer times to a PC.

But, video files take up lots of space on the camera's memory cards. So, you'll want to buy larger cards (and/or have a portable storage device with you to copy the files from the memory cards, so that you can erase them creating room for more video).

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There are only two cameras at this time that can do the 800x600 - the Minolta Z2 and the Minolta A200. This size video is best for computer monitors. Both of these cameras technically have USB 2.0, but the speed is the same as USB 1.1. At the 800x600 mode it does 15 frames per second. However 15 fps can look jerky and no amount of software is going to make up for the missing pictures.

Both of these cameras (and many more) also do 640x480 at 30fps which is better for high speed motion and the size adapts well to viewing on TVs. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the Canon SD200 and SD300 (goes by other names outside of the USA) that does 320x240 at 60fps. Don't know what type of USB connection it has.
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Sorry for the double post. Computer froze up when posting and I thought it didn't post.
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