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I am just wondering which camera you guys would suggest. The T1 has a weak flash, expensive media, and no tripod mount. The Casio Z55 has a crappy quality LCD, and low quality video. It is a hard decision. Anyway, can you guys respond on what you feel is better. Thanks for helpin a newbie out!

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Hi, Ziad ! I tried both... The T1 isa fashion statement, but with a small lens and a small flash you dont get good pics indoors.... It is also costly.... The Z55 Casio is a good camera, more controls than T1, but why dont you try yo g oto a nearest to you store and try both out?

The LCD on the Z55 is not bad at all, it is 2" and quite visible...

The point is - if it is your FIRST try at photography and you dont have any interest in pursuibg it any further and you just want a carry along camera to take a snapshot, than these two are even too much....

If you intend to progress and have an interest in photography, get a better camera - Canon A95, Pentax 750, Olympus D580 or others in the Steve's Best Camera Listing...

Steve is pretty accurate and detailed in his reviews.....

It is your choice if $$$ is no object, than get a PAnasonic FZ20 or a Sony V3, if you want a small sizse as a determinng factor, get a Pentax Optio s5i or Minolta x50...

CASIO'S dont have a Video out, if it is important to you....

The choices are only limited by your $$$ limits and use of the camera and need for the camera....

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I'm a long time T1 owner and a huge fan of the 2.5" LCD screen. I think the question comes down to whether the majority of your pictures are in daylight or at night/indoors. The T1 will disappoint in low light, but is fantastic when it's bright.

This Christmas my wife is getting a Panasonic FX7. From what I can tell, it's the only other camera this small with a 2.5" LCD (an absolutely critical feature). Plus it's flash is twice as bright and it has image stabilization.
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I don't have it but I like the T1. I wouldn't buy it (though) because it is too expensive but it is the best ultra-compact IMO. You mentioned that it has no tripod mount, has less features, etc but if you were getting an ultra-compact, why do these things matter? What matters most IMO are size, LCD size/quality, and simplicity. Trying to attach an ultra-compact to a tripod is overkill, not to mention almost pointless. So I like the T1... (If I were to buy an ultra-compact (keep in mind that I'm budget-conscious), I would go for Sony W1, which is worse but ok)...

Having said all that, if you want more features and better quality, I think you should dump the ultra-compacts and move into the compacts (which are larger and cost less for a given feature). Cameras like Canon S70, A95, etc offer the best in terms of size plus performance/features. If you are interested in photography, I don't think the ultra-compacts will satisfy you...
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