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Come on guys.......I need help!!!!

Which camera would you buy if you wanted to spend under $250???

Be honest but please help this old lady decide!!!
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How many megapixels do you need? How much zoom do you want? Any preference in battery or memory type? What brands are available - are you going to shop at Wal-mart, or mailorder? You get the idea....


p.s. there is no "best" camera, although there might be best for a given situation.

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I have no preference where I buy a digital camera. I want the most camera I can get for $250,,,,,,,,,I guess the bottom line is that I want one that will be easy to use and take clear bright pictures.

I am leaning toward Canon A75 or maybe a Olypus C 725.........but my mind is very open to other brarnds.

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Old Dec 12, 2004, 11:19 PM   #4
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Right now the easy to use Sony DSC-W1 or the more advanced DSC-V1 are right around $299
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why not go with the canon a-85 gives you 4 megapixels vs the a-75's 3.2... you can pick one of those up online for 250$..

also consider sony's dsc-p73, gives you 4 megapixes for round 250 at best buy...

if compact is what your looking for check out casio's exilim z-40 again 4 megapixels... can find one online for less than 250..

i would say that the canon gives you the best glass and the best feature set.. but try them all out to see which feels best to you as they all offer good shooting performance...
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I really like the Sony's for the low end. They have a nice picture quality, are portable, and if you don't mind joining the Memory Stick cult they work well.
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yeah I have been doing the studying for what is best around that range too. Another thing I noticed about that sony memory was the price was higher.

How big are your hands? I suggest if you can go to a place like Fred Meyer or Fry's Electronics with your note pad and pen and write down what looks or feels good about each type you are considering. I was lucky once at Freddies and there were fresh batteries in several. At the time I was looking at Minolta Z1 Dimage with 10x vs a Fuji with 6x that was similar but 100$ cheaper. Xmas 2003. The minolta was significantly more effective at auto focus than the fuji.

Just like anything else that has variances like a car or a truck one might feel more comfortable to you. Anyone of those is decent from the review. Most of my family use olympus and are happy with them. One brother though really likes the early Elph probably the first one not the LT type those look disposable. Anyway he bought it for his wife but really likes it and uses it a lot on trips, and he has a much nicer nikon D70 I thinkalong with some other 35mm cameras.Igrew upusing a minolta xe-5 brick that had a bad clc metering system in the design that was built for a winderbut due to the metering minoltacovered up the gearson the bottom. I sentit back to minolta after itdidsome bad picks and they said nothing wrong with it.that upset me as it blew pics often, learned to useit manually. Also I have a Cannon E70 camcorder that the viewfinder had a part frame shaped thing fall down in it on like it was glued in or no screws. They charged me to fix it off waranty and I told them I would never buy anyting from them again. Well a while later here I am looking at the sd200 due to the price I saw.

The sony wc-1 is on sale here too. worth a look at chiefvalue.com I found it looking for raid cards.

http://www.pricewatch.com look at all digital cameras and find http://www.chiefvalue.com they are usually better than newegg which is usually listed as lowest for all computer and electronics digi cams etc. there are other places on web too cameraworld or something. do a search maybe even try pricegrabber. Anway that A75 and A85 are also on sale there at chiefvalue for reasonable price with 50$ rebates on all of them.

Worth a look use this link below as it seems they can't generate the site with just the main name sometimes = too busy?


Anyway I would consider a minoltaagain if I wanted to spend a bit more money.

Biggest thing I see in all the noise is a lot of models and differences. It takes time to read each review and compare side by side but any one of those you mention appear not bad. The biggest differences seem to be

batteries: whether they use a proprietary(lithium) type and what it costs for extra one and how many shots per battery or lenth of use you might get out of it vs NiMH AA cells or the CR-v3 or something 2 celled propritary replacement in lithium battery might fit? The advantage of course of AA cells is 7-ll will have them. But The longest charge from what I have read is Lithium type. And they don't have (memory) and stay charged longer where as nicad (old school) and NiMH ones loose their charge by 1 to 5% a day I read. Maybe more if old like me. Also nicad are less power than nimh and require special disposal as we don't want nickel cadmium in fish or water we drink. The Cannon a75 and a85 seem to take 4AA alkalinecells and might fit 2 of those CV-3R cells? atleast they will take4AANiMH ones anyhow.

The sony wc-1 they suggested has big lcd on back bigenough I would probably break it. Not as small as the canon sd200 not as big as a75 I think. But weaker in some areas I read. But it ran on 2 aa cells so probably not as many pics per set of batteries either. the small elph sd200 took quite a few for how small it is. Steves doesn't list the sonywc-1 under best cameras for price but it may be a deal with 5 megapixels. It states 2592x1944/Fine mode is excellent But if you are email these photos the person on the other end probably won't have a screen size to even view that. It may work well for priniting 8x10s?

"With the ability to choose from five different image sizes, the camera offers versatility for all types of applications. The 3:2 mode is perfect for capturing images without having to worry about cropping them for creating 4x6-inch prints. Shooting in 1MP mode is great for sending pictures via e-mail or posting listings at online auctions. "

see these things are tough to decide on now you have me considering even that one again. I liked the cannon a75 a85 and maybe the elph200 a bit small for my hands but lightweight.

read carefully about the batteries the number of shots it does before recharge, and the lens and zoom characteristics. The sony sounds easy to use and so do the cannons. It depends what you want the photos for " alot of realestate ppl take lousey pictures for flyers with cheap cams it seems worse than what your looking at. Another thing is the seaming pictures together for wide panavisionview, some come with software for doing it on a pc some come with abiltiy in it I believe. if you want to see a seamed together panaview look at windermere.com and find an expensive house and look at their 180 degree pictures.

Can the camera's lensedo macro shots less than 12 inches? like 4 for a flower up close?

How fast does it fire up to first shot, does it do continous shots and if so how fast?

does it do movies? even though thats not really what they are for? faster fps means better movie. but even 640480 isn't much to see. uses memory fast too.

does it have low light adjust for focus?

what type of auto focus or AE does it have? does it count 5 spots or 9 spots to focus?.

does it direct print? seems like a lot do now

what type of memory does it use and how expensive is that? the sony seems nearly twice as much and from what I see than sd fast memory.

some will take a minature hard drive up to 2 gig in the sd form.

There are some decent olympus cameras that popuped up around Thanksgiving at Fry's for 200-300. I suggest you look at them too and what you like and don't like.

if you can type you can read the first page and conclusion of each camera type here in the reviews. too many choices like a car, Like I first said drive it some at least put your hands on the wheel and see how it fits, and if you can find a helpfull person there ask if they could put some batteries in it. Might go to a camera shop first that exclusively sells them and ask some questions and just try some out and plan on not buying one that day just too get a feel of what you might like first and more thoughts. If its a gift anyone of the ones you were looking at is alright. I suggest you check those websites too, and do a search for other reviews of each one.

carefully list the pros and cons of each

how much the batteries and memory cost and how easyto get, what extras you might need? and the features and if you can try a hands on experience at a store.

but seriously I just looked the a75 alone is 137$ after 50$ rebate there "out of stock" the a85 is in stock and is 185$ after the rebate. they don't have the c-725 that I had seen listed at fry's but they do have the c-740 for 240$ after the rebate. That line of cameras is using an all optical zoom lense which has advantages too, but may need a manually attached lense cap. if an optical zoom gets real large you need a tripod or anti shake technology.more $ But really the little ones with the half optical half digital zoom probably work fine for most "point and shoot people".

and even 8x or 10x is probably not bad if shutter speed fast enough. low light condition slower. the other thing mentioned in the reviews is gain up or no gain up in the lcd in low light conditions and ability of the flash to modify its strength in different modes, or if it modulates.

I know there confusing but you should see the hand wound 35mm brick shaped argus I have with set the asa, wind it, look thru t he range finder and adjust the range, and then cock the shutter and then push the shutter release. It depends on where you are going to lug it around or use it too as to whats best. If you were riding a bike with it maybe a small sd200 is best in a velcro waistbelt mounted gig I dunno. Thing of it is any one of these only needs to be dropped and most likely the ccd is toast if not the lcd but most likely the ccd and if you have owned it long enough you will find a new one for less than the cost of replacing the broken part, where as the argus may still functionjust fine.

I myself prefer optical zoom over digital probably because I figure its better. But bigger. heavier and may not matter for single pictures vs multiple frames like a camcorder. Either of those you were looking at will probably take clear bright photos and better than the old kodak instamatic. Bigger not allways better. The canon and the sony are using certain optical designs to have higher quality at reduced size. The problem is you can't just read a label that says how many watts it has to figure this out.

Good luck tell us what you buy. You might be surprised its something totally different than you expected you would buy. I too will have to look at olympus again, however I am thinking small and easy point and shoot not too much weight as my better half will be using it too. Next one maybe a larger one with bigger opticalzoom, decisions decsions. Well the cheaper the better if I dropon the rocksin hiking. I too was first looking at the c-725 might have too look again at olympus, oops now minolta oops lost what I was shopping for, taken me 3 days and a year to get this far. The industry is growing fast with new stuff so older comes down in price fast like the pc industry and is evolving with a lot of proprietary batteries and memory, megapixel size and lenses.
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