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Saying the d70 is more durable than the cannon is simply not true. If anything the d20 is the more durable camera. Now if he ment the 300d (digital rebel)that might be true its made of high impact plastic like the d70. The d20 is made of metal alloy. I will echo what others have said in these forums. There both good cameras, but bodies will come and go. Pick the lens system that you feel is best . Thats a whole debate in itself. LoL. In all realality the d70 competition isnt the d20. You should be comparing the d70 to the digital rebel instead. The d20 is in a level above these 2 cameras. Oh one other point. If it were me and this is just my opinion I would get the d20 . You ask why? Well the d20 has superb low light performance Better than the other cameras mentioned with its ability to shoot at high iso with near noise free images. Just the ticket for a darkgym.

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I'm in the same boat. I started out looking at Ultra Zooms and pretty much decided I wanted a F828. But in waiting to see if a new version is on the horizon I've been doing my research and like the sound ofa larger sensor. I've decided to wait until February and see what happens. I'm currently looking at D70, 20D, *ist DS, 7D, and the E-Volt, although mostly at the 1st two.
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I've been using the Coolpix 5000 and a Nikon N70. I have a sb 28 speedlight and 3 lenses for the film camera. After a friends wedding last weekend I was very disapointed in some of the shots I missed because of lag or just poor lighting. I mostly shoot mountains and streams so this is not so annoying as the mountains don't move so fast.

I just read and read and finaly went over to B&H and talked and talked and talked to all the guys there, and all the pros and amatures on line there.

Of the guys who worked the store counter 8 were Nikon line fans, 1 was cannon. I have big hands but the Nikon felt better and the menus were nicer and the back and front wheels felt great.

I cant use any of my prior stuff with the new cams so It will all end up on Ebay.

I ended up buying the Nikon after much taking of photos and playing with both in the store for more that 2 hours.

Reasons, the Nikon Kit and Speedlight came in $1000 less.
The menus felt better. I like the sb 800 wireless remote mode a lot.

They were out of stock on the Cannon kit lense and I didn't want to spend $1200 on my 2nd choice. ;-)

Anyway, while the battery charged I went back to work and read the book. Ok about 30 pages in 2 hours.

I took a bunch of photos last night and was SHOCKED at how much better they look than anything I've taken so far, just in hacking around playing with the setting and shooting the christmass tree. I took 70 shots of that tree! I then moved on to wify and baby and anoyed them for a while but got some lovely photos. Played with photoshop all day at work and shot the people walking around in the rain, looking christmass cheerfull. Again, after loading them into Thumbs+ and looking at them on the big screen, I was very very happy. So, go to B&H and play with them both and have yourself a very merry Christmas. PS I hated the LOUD shutter on the 20D but you get used to it, and the thing is much bigger. I filled up my lousy little 512 card so fast. I now have to go spend $100 on a 1 GB card. PPS I havn't recharged the battery yet and it is still going strong.
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nevermind! (where's that delete button!!!)
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Old Jan 1, 2005, 6:15 AM   #15
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I would totally agree that the Canon 20D has got a major problem with the built-in flash photos. I shot about 100 indoor photos of my Christmas Party and about 95 of them were all way, way too dark. I used the 20D in fully automatic mode and the built-in flash. I called up Canon and they told me that it was because of the incandescent lighting in the house giving the meter a false reading. However, the next day I shot some photos in flurescent lighting indoors and it had the same dark problem. You have to increase the flash compensation by 2/3 stop to 1.5 stops to make the photos look bright enough, and also possibly increase the exposure compensation too. I called up Canon again and gave them several sample photos and now they're telling me to send the camera in for an evaluation, based on the Exif data. I bought it from Ritz Camera only a few days ago and they didn't want to exchange it, so I didn't push them on it. However, the outdoor photos are just great- no complaints there. Now I want to know if the Nikon N70 or the Fujifil S-3 would do a better job indoors. Does anyone know if the 20D still gives dark photos with their externally mounted flash (it costs $500, so I'm afraid to buy it unless I know it will work correctly without exposure compensation).
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Hi There
Im sure both cameras are great.However if you intend on shooting weddings I would choose nikon.Can,t beat an FM2 or
now an FM3 as a back up.
O.k iam biased,but I do like backup
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