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I have a Sony Mavica CD-400 and love it for all the reasons I bought it. My mid teen child wants a digital. I think my college age child might also.

Needs: none. Wants: they have only used a basic point and shoot 35 mm or Advantix. They are both software savy but haven't looked into cameras, or photography, yet. The girl might -after we buy her something, if she gets interested.

Goals: Small, probably candids or posed candids that teens would do. We had thought about the Sony DSCL1, but worried about the size. Too easy to slip in a pocket and sit on it at a ball game or something. Considered the DSC-P100 but they are out of stock about everywhere except Sony Style and I'm waiting on an answer to a question from them (4 days now) so I don't want to pay them the extra $. (Silly, but that's the way it is.)

Considering it will mostly be used for e-mail, or 4x6 shared between friends is the P73 a mistake? (They seem to be every where.) The P93 is so close in cost to the ones with the Zeiss lens I hate to be that close and not buy it.

Also my both kids have fairly large hands. (Size large glove, nothing unusual.) Are the Sony cameras as hard to hold as I've read?

If you have time to comment, I'll really appreciate you taking the time with yet another of us trying to decide.

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Don't know if this is too late but anyway...

Are you sticking with Sony only?

Of the Sonys, I like the T1 (high-end; expensive) and the W1. See if the W1 is any good for your purposes (it has less manual controls (basically none) but it is good for its compactness, large LCD, etc).

Two other excellent small cameras are the Panasonic DMC-FX7 and Sony SD300. See if they are too expensive for you or not? If you want something a bit larger, you should also consider the Canon A line (eg. A95, A85, etc)...
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I went through the same thing,more or less, and ended up after much research with a Canon A75. It is tried and tested, has a big shutter button, a 38/105 zoom, and is as easy as anything to use. Takes AA batteries which don't last long, but a charger and a spare setdoesn't cost a fortune. Anyway, always easy to find and buy AA cells anywhere.It is 3mp, quite enough for Ebay, and for up to 7x5 prints. Best of all it is an old model and is selling for about $200. Oh, mine uses it for Ebay and finds it perfect.
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Thank you both. I think I'm staying with Sony. I've been very pleased with the one I have.

I'm afraid the L1 is too small. Seems like they'll always be searching for it. I'll give it more thought.

I think it will be used forpictures of people. Recording the live of a teen.

Back to look at the models you both suggested in case I consider something other than Sony.


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