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These 3 cameras are all runnning ~ $ 265.00

The first 2 are 3.2 MP and the 3rd is 4 MP. Given that I'm probably not going to get any prints made larger than 8X10 and most pics will be outside in good weather, which should I get..The reviews and specs on the first two are so similar but seem to lean more toward the (newer?)Konica although the drawback is its plastic VS metal for the OLY. Both have lens rattle..The KON has sound, OLY no. KON has faster startup and AF they say. KON is at COSTCO and OLY is at Sams Club.

I just saw the Fuji in todays Best buy ad so I threw it in also. This is my first Digicam
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Since you are considering a 3.2mp camera --

The Circuit City web site had the Fuji 3000 for $169. Almost the same as the 3100, except 0.8mp less. You can order online and pick it up at a local store, if you have one. Just another opton to consider....

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Personally, having seen and felt and 'played with' all three, I'd choose the C-740. It is the best built of the three, and the photos it yeilds are of impressive quality (I actually tested the C-740 and the S-3100, but not the Z-10).

The S-3100 is cheaply made - the power switch feels like it was made to break, etc. As well, don't be fooled by the 'M' on the dial - it does not mean 'Manual'. Rather, it stands for Misleading, as the 'M' setting gets you only an Aperture Priority with all of three aperture settings.

The C-740, by contrast, is a full featured Manual camera - as well as offering several automatic settings.
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Have you considered the Panasonic FZ line if you're going with a mega zoom?
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