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I am looking for opinions on these two 8 megapixel cameras, the Canon Powershot Pro 1 and the Minolta A200. Which is the better camera and why? And which one would you buy and why?:-D

CanANYONE help me with this comparison??:-)
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Hi Turck...

I have had a look at the Pro1 and the A200, among others, but haven't made a puchase yet. I'm considering the A200, the Nikon 8800, Nikon 8400, Canon G6 and now the Olympus E300....Although I've been very happy with my Canon G2, Iruled out the Pro1....for a few reasons...

1. image quality is excellent at iso 50 and 100, poor at iso 200, unacceptable at iso 400. Much noisier than competing cameras imho..

2. the camera is slow to startup, autofocus at full telephoto is painfully slow and the LCD/EVF freezes up for what seems like half a second at focus lock....

3. I really didn't like the "zoom by wire" They're trying to make it feel like a manual zoom, but it just didn't feel right, and I found it hard to fine tune.

The A200 feels much better to me, the manual zoom is great and it has image stabilization. The only nit I have is that out of the camera, the images are softer than most of the competition and will require some post-processing.

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you go to a local photo shop andtry both cameras out yourself. You may not react to them thesame as I did.

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