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I have found the bronze version of the CANON ixus i (PowerShot SD10) for £130 (POUNDS) and was wondering if this would be money well spent? I would also like to know if owners of this camera are happy with it?

I have read loads of positive reviews about this camera but there are a few things thatI am stuck on. Do i really need an optical ZOOM?? Do i need the optical viewfinder??

I have found other compact cameras of the same size but the prices are a complete joke!!!! I owned a Casio EXZ40 which i sent back due to the POOR picture quality.


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Optical zoom is very important to many photographers, but if you're doing point and shoot, street/quick artisticphotography, or macro,then you can probably do just fine without it. The lack of an optical viewfinder is not such a blow, because you'd probably use the LCD screen most of the time even if you had a viewfinder.

Canon picture quality is generally very solid, and the SD10 is no exception. It takes great pictures, especially considering it's so small.

I'd highly recomend it if you can do without the optical zoom, if you're not completly sure, check out some of the othersmaller Canon's at an electronic's store.

Also, 130 pounds is (I think) a really good price for such a Camera.

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Definitely get a camera with at least 3 times optical zoom. You could be disappointed later if you don't have that. And later, often we'd feel that we wasted our money. And definitely, with the casios..maybe they should stick to watches hehehe.

I rarely used my optical viewfinder at all, because the image on the LCD screen is what is going to be captured...so I use the LCD screen. I just say LCD screen..even though LCD screen really means liquid crystal display screen...which is kind of like saying liquid crystal screen screen. The only time I had to use the viewfinder is when the background etc is too bright and too much light is reflecting off the LCD and I can't see anything on the LCD. But I didn't run into too many situations like this. However, the LCD can be useful occasionally..like what was described.
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Jack, id like to thank you for your reply. I have ordered this camera from ebuyer and will hopefully receive it before New Years Eve, which means i can take loads of pictures of my drunk family!!! he he. I think its the size and the quality of the Canon pics that have attracted me to this little beauty and as for the optical zoom, i think ill use my FEET!!! I hope u all have a lovely Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!
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