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I am looking for opinions on these two 8 megapixel cameras, the Canon Powershot Pro 1 and the Minolta A200. Which is the better camera and why? And which one would you buy and why?:-D

CanANYONE help me with this comparison??
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click on this link...


then find the cameras you mentioned..and click on the name to see the reviews.
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you should be looking at the the minolta A2 as the A200 is a rather simplified (stripped down) model in features. the real comparision is with the pro1 and A2.

the primary difference to is the lens. the A2/A200 is human powered in the zoom. no buttons/motors. just turn to zoom like a real slr. it is a more precise method with better feedback. i have had a D7 D7i D7hi and currently own a A1. i consider it my pocket/quick travel camera. i shoot local news with a eos1d m2 so going back and forth is more natural. the optical quality is pristine and use it mostly at the WA end. the ability to manually focus using the ring on the base of the lens is a plus too.

i don't consider the flip out monitor as a factor in choosing. just another thing to cause an issue later when you least need one. the A1/A2 monitors and eye pieces move out and up which does help with close up work.
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Here is a quick comaprison of the high-end prosumers:


Some of these may have newer models so keep that in mind (I think the Fuji has newer model). The best high-end prosumer seems to be the Olympus 8080...
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The big difference between them is stabilization. Minolta claims 3 f-stops for the stabilization. That means you can take a shot in about 1/8 the light with stabilization. Stabilization does nothing to help subject movement, but it does allow you to use the camera without a tripod in a lot more situations.

The Minolta A2 has a better control setup than the Pro1 IMO, but that is subjective. I haven't handled an A200. This is a good review by someone who appreciates the controls: http://luminous-landscape.com/review...nolta-a2.shtml Mike found the A2 lens sharper than the 828 and had an earlier model with soft pictures, so I'm guessing Phil at dpreview might have gotten a bad early model. Even accounting for that possibility I think the Pro1 on a tripod aimed at a resolution target probably gives sharper pictures. But in everyday photos you won't likely see the difference. You will see a big difference with handheld shots in available light though.

I would wait for some better reviews of the A200 compared to the A2. Just the downgrading of the viewfinder would probably induce me to get the A2. The A200 viewfinder is as good as the Pro1, but the A2 viewfinder is in a class by itself. I personally prefer physical controls like the manual zoom ring compared to electric and menu driven, but you can adapt to anything.

I have a Panasonic with stabilization and have decided there is no reason to ever buy another large camera without it. It works throughout the range and lets you get shots you couldn't otherwise without carrying a tripod. I'm waiting for someone besides Panasonic to come out with a pocket camera with stabilization. Leica gave Panasonic a great small camera stabilized lens but Panasonic put it in a very limited camera – P&S with no viewfinder.

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