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Tracy Dec 26, 2004 9:10 PM

I have read the reviews and have done my researchbut I am still confused. I want a semi compact digital that takes excellent pictures and is easy to use. Would prefer long battery life and using AA batteries so I can pop some in if battery runs low. Nothing too fancy but one that will do many things. Pictures are mainly taken at events such as parties, weddings, showers, holidays. Both inside and outside pictures. I have narrowed my search down to the following. Each has something good like excellent image quality and sharp resolution but each loses something such as limited manual control or poor shutter speed. All cameras below have good reviews. I know there are seven to choose from but any preference?

Sony W-1, Sony P-93,

Cannon 95, Cannon S500, G6 too big

Olympus C765uz

Pentex opti S55, Optio 750z

Nicolas Dec 27, 2004 12:22 AM

I don't know about the Olympus and the Pentax, but depending on your needs, I'd say the A95 or the W1 could give you great results... I am leaning towards the W1 since you mentionned taking pictures at parties and since Sony focuses faster and is faster in general.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"With that being said, I own the A95 and I love it, I don't notice it being slow or having problems to focus in low light.

Tracy Dec 27, 2004 1:46 AM

Thanks for your time and the advice. My personal toptwochoices were the Cannon A95 and theSony W1 so your advice really helped me in making a decision. It seems that I would be happy with either one. Thanks again.

Jack B. Nimble Dec 27, 2004 2:32 AM

I'd also to say to go with the W1. Between it and the A95, I'd say it better suits your needs.

Sivaram Velauthapillai Dec 27, 2004 10:37 AM

The W1 is one of my favourite cameras (I don't have one though). I especially like the black one over the silver one (but this a personal preference)... The downsides to the W1 is that it doesn't offer too many manual controls. If you want manual controls, I don't think the W1 is going to cut it...

Of the compacts, I like the Canon A95. Compared to the W1, the A95 offers more manual controls (for example, A95 has full shutter priority and aperature priority modes (this is where you can set the shutter speed and aperature size)). If I'm not mistaken, the A95 also has a twist-out LCD screen, which is benefitial (although it is smaller than the W1 screen).

The Olympus is probably the smallest ultra-zoom camera on the market. If you care about zoom (10x zoom), you can't find another "somewhat small" camera like it.... the downside to the Olympus is that it doesn't have image stabilization (like Canon S1 IS or Panasonic FZ3)...

If money isn't an issue, you might also want to consider something like Canon S70 (or S60). These are compact and have a ton of manual controls.

Tracy Dec 27, 2004 1:56 PM

I will look into the others that you mentioned like the Cannon S70. I am really an amatuer but would like to purchase a nice camera that I can "grow" in to! Regarding the Sony W-1--I also like the black and silver cover compared to the silver only cover. That may have been why I also liked the Pentex optio 750z because of the two tone color and look. However, thereviews indicated that the Pentex had a somewhat "cheap" feel. Thanks for your help! Tracy

Tracy Dec 27, 2004 2:04 PM

Hi Jack B Nimble! It seems that the W-1 is winning the vote. Thanks for your advice. Tracy

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