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im looking for a small camera to bring when i go out on the town. it has to be small enough to fit in my pocket, must be minium of 2 megapixel, but after that im not bothered. i have been looking at the konica minolta X31, but i want to know if there is anything else on the market that might be better value for money. the camera has to be affordable, around the price of hte konica minolta X31. thanks for all opinions
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I guess you could check this page ...

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1
Canon PowerShot SD20
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150

these 3 are quite compact
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My dad just picked up the Pentax S50 (5mp, ultracompact, 3x optical zoom, lots of auto and manual settings as well as trick-shot modes). It's available from onecall for $199 + SH (around $215 shipped) and is an amazing value. It uses standard SD memory and 2 AA batteries (2500mAh rechargeables would be a good choice). It also has alot of useful acccessories available. My dad got an infared remote control for $18 because he takes alot of pictures and likes to be in them too and the remote is more convinient than the 3s or 10s delay. The S40 (4mp version of S50) is available for around $190 shipped and Pentax also has a SLIGHTLY smaller version using the same optics and slightly more advanced features in the S4i (4mp, $280) and S5i (5mp, $290). I compared the S50 and S5i side by side and the size difference is fairly negligable unless you plan on trying to fit the camera in an Altoid tin (the S4i and S5i fit barely, the S40 and S50 don't). In my opinion the S50 offers the best value in the line and also the best value in the category.
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There are some more cameras to consider. I have the SD200. It's a ultracompact 3.2 MP with good video and fast response time.

It compares about evenly to the Optio S4i in size.

On the really small size is the Sony U20/U30/U40. They are smaller than the minolta, 2MP, no zoom.
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I bought an Pentax Optio 30 for $118 ($130 including taxes and delivery) from ElectricSams.com.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"It's a very interesting little camera worth taking a look at.

The only question you could ask yourself is whether you might get more serious about photography in the future.

If so, I'd recommend getting a digital camera where you can set the aperture or shutter or both (manual mode).
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