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I know - age old question, but I need advice.

Canon A400 Vs Fuji A340/330 Vs Coolpix 3200 Vs Olympus 310Z

All are between £100 and £150. Just wanted some opinions.
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You're right, it is the usual question, but I was asking it a week ago, so I feel obliged to donate my two cents worth.

The only one of the four you mentioned that I have actually had any experience with is the 3200, and I was very impressed. I would reccomend it for traveling or if you're new to digital. It takes high quality photos, but it has a relatively short battery life (but it takes AA, so you'll be ok).


The A400 (so I've heard) is a stylish little camera that takes good pictures. Unfortunately, it's a little laggy from start up to shots. However, I wouldn't let that discourage you too much, Canon's are great cameras (I own the S70, so maybe I'm a bit biased). I would reccomend also taking a look at the A75/85 in the Canon line, everybody seems to love them.


The two Fuji's are robust cameras that have good outdoor picture quality, but have a bit of a problem with indoors/flash situations. On the bright side, it's faster than the A400 in start-up time.


For the life of me I can't seem to find the Olympus 310Z, so you'll have to hunt around the site for that one.

All in all, I think I'd reccomend the Coolpix 3200, followed closely by The Canon A85/A75/A400 (in that order).

Good luck with your search! -Jack

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