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Ok, i was reviewing the A80 and A85 and it looked like they had very little difference, so i was wondering which oneof the 2would be the best all around camera, mostely taking pics of friends and family in indoors and outdoors places. :?
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Never having used either one (Steves Reviews are for that)...I would buy the one with the fastest lens, fastest shoot times & the best reviews (based on the lens quality & overall build)...although, I could be wrong (but not so far)!
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I do not own either the A80 or A85 but Ido have anA70 and office-owned A75 is under my custodianship.


270° Vari-Angle 1.5" color LCD Monitor with 10x playback zoom
3x optical 38-114mm f/2.8-4.9 zoom, 3.6x digital zoom
2.2fps Continuous exposure mode


Postcard (1600x1200) mode with 3:2 ratio for making 4x6" prints
3x optical 35-105mm f/2.8-4.8 zoom, 3.2x digital zoom
1.8" color LCD with up to 10x playback zoom
1.5fps Continuous burst capture up to 8 frames
New Special Scene mode for shooting six common shooting conditions
Orientation sensor that automatically detects vertical or horizontal shooting

Those are the major/minor differences between the 2 cameras.I just could not understand why the A80 (older model) sports the Vari-Angle, which I personally think would have been more helpful than the additional 0.3" LCD Monitor... A70 with 1.5" LCDwhile A75 have 1.8" LCD, I didn't really notice much difference. I did find the Special Scene of A75 (A85) mode to be quite handy, but not exactly something that you'll be missing when using the older counterpart A70 (A80). The A80 seems to be more expensive than A85 though. I couldn't compare the fps though as both A70 and A75 have 2.2fps. Another thing to wonder, why A85 have 1.5fps while the older models have 2.2fps. Orientation sensor, it's something you can do without. That's assuming you know how to tweak with photo softwares. A80's 38-114mm f/2.8-4.9 zoom againsts A85's 35-105mm f/2.8-4.8 zoom... your call. The 0.4 zoom ratio, personally, itisn't really that significant. The Postcard option, I never really used it yet (A75) but according to the manual, it allows you to print more of your picture as against the normal 1600x1200 setting. Between the 2, I'd go for A80 simply for the Vari-Angle. But it's really a coin coin if you ask me, depends on your preferences. On the other hand, why not consider A95... it's almost A80 and A85 combined and the price is still within range.

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