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So, this time of year I'm looking to get my first digital camera for myself. I have used my friends' so I know how to work one. The problem is that I have no idea which camera I should get. I know my dad wants me to get a nice camera around 3-4 MP since that is really what I need right now.

I have gone through some of the threads here that mentions in getting a first digicam... but I didn't see one that really suits me, since I'm not a technical person and I've never really owned any cameras before. :?

I'm looking for a digital camera that is mainly near 4MP preferably.
I'll be taking pictures indoors and outdoors.
Most likely, I'll be taking close detailed shots of objects indoors since I want to be able to put them on the web.
Maybe a video function would be nice as well...

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance m(_ _)m

hopefully I'll be able to get one by the end of 'Boxing Week' ^^;
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I believe the Canon 4MP A85 would be a good start, 200-250 dollars, US.

Also look at the Minolta Z3 for an ultra zoom on a budget.

You can reviews for both I believe here at steves main index page... then camera reviews.

Just look em up... I'm sick right now, and too lazy to link to em. HEhhe...;o) Good luck!

Hope I helped some!

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Thanks much for your input, tlmiller10, I hope you will get better soon ^____^ ~ I have a lot of friends telling me to go get Canon... so I'm considering the Canon A75 or A85 right now.

But the problem is, I bought a Sony CyberShot P52 by mistake 2 days ago before my dad told me to go refund it... then today an uncle told me it's fine :? *totally confused*

So, if someone can help me by telling me why I should really dump the 52 and get an A75 or A85, that would be great~^^

link to a review and specs for P52:
link to steve's review of the A75:
and also A85

Ummm, also, the reason why I'm thinking of getting the A75 is because I think it will be sufficient enough for my needs... I asked a friend, and he said that getting the A85 will probably only help when I want to blow up the pictures. ^__^

Once again, thank you :|
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Higher megapixels will only help if you are cropping (i.e. concentrating on a part of a picture by cutting out the rest), or when printing. More megapixels means that you can print larger pics with good quality. Most people recommend that you need a 3 megapixel camera to print average quality 8"x10" (that's inches). And if you have 4 megapixels, you can print a bit larger than 8"x10" (or print excellent 8"x10").

So if you are not planning to make very large prints (which are expensive to print), then 3MP or 4MP is good enough.


One of the things you should think about is size. How large do you want your camera to be?

If you want to carry it in a pocket/purse/whatever, or take it to restaurants/nightclubs/bars, or just carry it everywhere wihout much effort, or plan to mostly take candid pictures, you want an ultra-compact (very small). Examples of ultra-compact cameras include Canon SD300 or Sony T1 or Panasonic FX7.

If you are ok with a little bit bigger camera, and really don't mind carrying it in a small bag or don't plan on taking too many candid pictures, then a compact is best. Something like Canon A75/A85/A95 would be compact.

If you want a lot of manual controls (or maybe high zoom), or if you don't mind carrying it in a somewhat large bag, then a large (although not too large) camera is fine. Usually, the larger cameras cost less FOR A GIVEN FEATURE and offer more manual controls. Serious amateur photographers usually have larger cameras. A lot of the ultra-zooms (eg. Panasonic FZ3, Canon S1 IS, Konica Minolta Z3) or mid-end prosumers (eg. Canon G6, Sony V3) would fit into this "somewhat large" category IMO.

(As a side note, the size classification varies with people. Some cameras fall in-between and people lump them into one or the other)

Anyway, I think you want ultra-compact or compact since that's what you have been talking about. Now the next question is, do you want something really small (ultra-compact) or is a compact good enough?


Looking at the specs, the camera that you have looks ok. It isn't the latest but it doesn't look horrible by any means. I'm not sure what your budget is but something like the A75/A85 should be good (there is also the rarely mentioned A80). One of my favourites is the Sony W1 so check that out too (it's smaller and has almost no manual controls but perhaps offers the best value in an ultra-compact)...

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