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Hi Folks - I am looking to (finally) upgrade from my old Olympus D-450 Zoom and have a budget of about $350. I have done a fair amount of research but cannot find a camera that has all I need. My primary concern is picture quality, particularly sharpness and colors. Secondary is the ability to shoot (and edit after download) video. So far I have considered:

Cannon S410 - I think this has the best picture quality of any camera I have considered, but the video quality is terrible. Will this be updated anytime soon?

Cannon A95 - Picture quality seems almost as good as the S410, but again the video is somewhat limited.

Sony DSC-W1 - Picture quality is acceptable, the video performance is excellent. However, the video is mpeg, which I find very difficult to edit.

Is there a camera out there with the picture quality of the S410, the video quality/capabilities of the W1, and the video file in AVI format?

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What sort of video editing are you going to be performing? Nearly all these cameras come bundled with software that lets you carry out basic editing. Do you have your own video editing software? The reason I ask is because AVI is just a container format (usually the video is encoded using another format (eg. MPEG, Windows Media Video Format/WMV, etc) and contained within the AVI). If your editor can open AVI, I don't know why it it should be able to open any MPEG file.

Anyway, are you looking for an ultra-compact that is very small? Or are you ok with compacts? Usually Canon limits their video for some unexplainable reason , while Sony usually has high-res, long duration, video in nearly all their cameras (but Sony's memory card is more expensive than the CompactFlash or SD used by others)...

Here are some good cameras but check their video to see how limited they are (I don't remember off the top of my head):

Sony P150
Canon S500 (I think this is the higher end version of the S410--not sure)
Canon SD300 or SD200

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