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here are sum cameras i have been looking at, can u guys tell me which is hte best 1 for me.. i just want an all around good camera to do anything n everyhting.. budget is around $300. thanx here is the 1s i choose so far

Digicam 6 megapxels Digital camera w/ video webcam slim
Canon PowerShot A75 3.2 Megapixel
Pentax Optio 330 3.3 Mp DIGITAL CAMERA
Nikon Coolpix 3700 3.2 Megapixel, 3x 4x zoom
Pentax Digital Optio S50 Zoom Camera
Nikon Coolpix 3700 3.2 Megapixel
Pentax OptioS 3.2 Megapixel
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Avoid off brands like the "Digicam 6 Megapxels [sic]". They're usually poor quality and with exaggerated specs - often their6 mpixels is actually 3 mpixels interpolated to 6. I can't find out anything about it on the internet, also a bad sign. As a general rule of thumb, any camera that does many things does none of them well.

You didn't mention what you want to do with a camera- it's important to start with the results you desire then work back to the equipment.Whether you want portraits, action shots, kid snaps, scenery etc. makes a big difference in the camera you will want to choose. The above rule of thumb applies, too - pick a modelbased what you wantit to doREALLY well, then accept the fact that it's not going to do everything.

I'm also wondering what currency your "$300" is in - Canadian, American, Australian? This is the "World Wide Web", after all. For $300 in US currency, you could do a whole lot better than some of the basic starter cameras you've listed. In general, I usually recommend the Canon "A" series as starter cameras; the A400 is a nice one at about US$180, as is the A75($170) and it's siblings. The Panasonic FZ3 is available for US$330; it's a really nice IS super zoom.

As a starting point, check Steve's list of "Best" cameras:


and try reading up on a few of those.

Make a list of what you want in your camera - zoom range, size, price, image stabilization, movie mode (remember the rule, though), etc. Then check at:


plug in your parameters and read a few reviews.

Good Luck!

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thanx man i have 300 bucks american money and i want a thing to do action pics, umma video cam , webcam , portraits just a good all around camera ig ues
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