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I am looking at inexpensive digi cams for just an average user. My head is spinning with all the choices! I want to spend around $200 for the camera. The largest size print I will need is 5x7. Just taking pics of family.

So I think I have it narrowed down to the Kodak CX7430 or 7330. There doesn't seem to be much difference though.

The 7430 is 4 MP while the 7330 is only 3 MP, but that won't be an issue since I am not printing large pics.

The 7430 has an ISO of up to 400, while the 7330 only 200. BUT I don't even know what an ISO is or if it will matter?

The 7330 has no compression mode, no shutter speed, and slightly lower resolution.

Will these differences be noticeable to the average person? Is it worth the extra fifty dollars for the extra MP, ISO, and shutter speed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Check out the definition of ISO here:


Basically, it is used to indicate light sensitivity. Typically you would increase the ISO setting in low-light situations (i.e. night, indoors with ambient light, etc). Boosting the ISO will let your camera "see" better in low light. Using higher ISOs, you might be able to take pics in low light that you otherwise might not be able to... Having said that, boosting the ISO increases noise (little dots that you see in pics; sort of a fuzziness). This is especially true for the consumer and prosumer digital cameras. Most cameras have horrible noise past ISO 200 so I wouldn't worry about having a control for ISO 400 vs only 200 in these cameras. So don't let ISO be a key factor in this decision.


If you are printing 5"x7", 3 megapixels is good enough. With 3MP, you can even print average 8"x10"... so the extra megapixel should not sway your decision too much...


As far as shutter speed is concerned, that depends on how you are going to use the camera. Based on your description, it seems that you are just looking for a simple point&shoot. So I highly doubt that the difference in shutter speed will be important to you...

Here is Steve's list of 3MP cameras so do check out the competitors:

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