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I did inverse the Pro1 and the Rebel (I'm working at the same time as following this thread, and it takes me several takes to write the same email...)

I'm surprised to learn that Sony make the CCD for several brands, including Nikon and Minolta... Where can I search to findwho's the manifacturer for the CCD of a specificcamera?
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BrierS wrote:
I have been following this thread and have checked the link to print size/aspect ratio, etc. If I understand correctly, since I like to print larger format on my Canon i9900 the Canon 20D should fall within the acceptable range. Though the noise would be greater (?) the result should still be satisfactory. If I am correct, the choice of the 20D should be clearly better than the Nikon D70 if similar quality lenses are used. Yes?

The Nikon D70 has a largest image size of 3008 x 2000 pixels. This works out to around 153 pixels per inch after cropping for a 13x19" print (the largest size your printer can produce).

The Canon EOS-20D has a largest size of 3504 x 2336 pixels. This works out to around 180 pixels per inch after cropping for a 13x19" print size.

Chances are, at typical viewing distances, you're really not going to notice much difference in detail between these models, at this print size -- especially if you interpolate the images using software first. This is because you usually aren't going to be viewing a 13x19" print from 1 or 2 feet away. ;-)

To see the differences, simply print similar images from both models and compare them. If you don't want to waste larger paper, print some crops from them, calculating the density you'd have at the smaller sizes so that it matches up.

For example, if you wanted to see what 153 pixels per inch looked like at a 5x7" print size, you'd want to take a crop from the original image that's approximately 765 x 1071 pixels (5 inches x 153 pixels per inch = 765 pixels; 7 inches x 153 pixels per inch = 1071 pixels).

As far as noise, the Canon EOS-20D probably has lower noise compared to the D70 as ISO speeds are increased. However, the D70 noise levels are not bad (especially at lower ISO speeds). The way images are being processed (either by the camera or during Post Processing) will also iimpact the quality of the images (contrast, sharpness, color accuracy, saturation, etc.). So, you can't go by megapixels and lens quality alone. User preferencesfor how an image looks also come into play. Some users may use different camera settings than others, and use different techniques for post processing images with software later, too.
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