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My reason for posting is:

Like all who decide they want/need to buy a digital camera I am simply overwhelmed with the amount of information that you have to get through. I narrowed down my selection to the following:

* Sony
* Canon

I have two main requirements, as I am a newbie:

* 5 Mega Pix resolution
* Good (short) movie quality

The above was to allow me to get the best of both worlds (high pic quality and some movie functionality)

I am tempted to go for the DSC-T1 but the negative comments about over exposure are making me re-think my decision. The Canon S60 is pricey and bulky.

So with all that said I guess my question is:

With the above two requirements (5 Mega pix & Good movie quality) which digital camera would you recommend.

I really would appreciate any guidance…oh go on….

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I own a Sony DSCW1 - a great 5 megapix with a awesome movie quality and a Carl Zeiss (top German quality optics) lens.... A CCD sensor larger than other 5 megapix cameras... And it is fairly small and light, much smallr and lighter than the S60 Canon.... The beauty is that you can also attach extra lenses and slave flashes and it has a fantastic 2.5 inch LCD - and the price now is under 300. What else do you need? I think it is a great one and good for beginners to intermediate and even a lot of semi-pro's that i know carry it instead of the big bulky ones when they are going on vacation.... Check out more forums on it on dpreview as well as on this website forum and see the satisfaction.. Steve rates it good too..... And it uses AA batteries as well as rechargeables.... GOOD LUCK !
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I'm assuming you want a compact or ultra-compact...

Sony has better movie mode (Canon usually limits the movie mode for some unexplainable reason)... Something like the Sony W1 that was suggested above is good...

If you are ok with VERY SHORT movie clips (say, 30 seconds or something) then Canon should be ok too... I would look at models like the A95 or SD300 or S500...
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From your specifications, I have to agree, the W1 is probably the best choice for you. The S60's main selling point is it's manual options, which would be for the most part useless to you. The W1 is also pretty fast (I'd say faster than the S60, thought I could be wrong). The sony P150 may be worth a glance, but the W1 really seems the best camera for you.

Best of luck! ~Jack
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