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Hi there,

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with this decision. So I'm hoping someone can help me out, although I suspect that the decision still won't be any easier.

First off, I love the SD300 (Ixus 40 here in the UK). Its a great piece of design and something which I'm very excited about. However, I really like the ability to use Manual settings and the swivel LCD on the A95.

So, it looks like I have to make a choice between a camera I can easily take everywhere (which is important to me) or a camera I can develop my photography skills with but which is more of a pain to take everywhere - just like my current 35mm SLR which often stays at home because I can't be bothered with the hassle of carrying it and taking it out of the bag all the time)

Apart from the MPs, are there any other key technical differences between these two which would effect my decision ? Will the quality of shots outdoor, indoor... be noticably different between the two for most shots?

Also, would the LCD on the SD300 get scratched easily ?

Thanks in advance. Great site by the way
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Like you said, if portability is what matters, the SD300 is better but if you want control, the A95 is better... the specs are pretty similar. A95 PROBABLY has lower noise (since it has a bigger sensor, although it has more megapixels so it's hard to say)... the SD300 is listed as having a more powerful flash, which is kind of surprising to me...hmm...

If you are an amateur photographer (or at least planning to be one), go with the A95. Otherwise, it looks like the SD300 would fit you better..
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The A95 is a great camera, but if you buy the SD300 and take 25% more pictures with it because you have with you since its so small then perhaps the SD300 is worth it.

You can still learn manuals with your SLR and I am sure you will carry that camera to take pictures where it really matters.

Yes the A95 will give you better image quality(quality has nothing to do with pixel count) and its not because of the size of the sensor, because it will even give better quality than SD200 which has a bigger sensor vs mp ratio, which means less noise. Its because of the quality of its components and all.. But I suggest you look at the pictures each cameras is capable of taking.

I don't know what size you will print or if you will do some cropping, but perhaps looking at the SD200 could be worthwhile... As I said above, it should show less noise than the SD300... It will enable you to print photo quality pictures of 4x6 and 5x7 and excellent quality 8x10(just like the SD300 or A95, tho not as excellent, but close)... Also, the SD200-300 have a better movie mode if it interests you and can take more pictures faster in continuous mode. They have the new DIG!C II processor which increases their focus speed under low light conditions and generally speaking all operations. For example, with A95 shot to shottime is of 2.4 seconds(without flash) and 4.5(with flash), while the SD300 shot to shot time is of 1.3 seconds(without flash) and 2.4(with flash, no red eye reduction) and 2.7(with flash and red eye reduciton).

With that being said, there is more purple fringing with the SD300 than with A95, there is soft edges at wide angle and telephoto with the SD300... So, make sure you check out the pictures each cameras can make at http://www.pbase.com/cameras
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