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You shuld take a look at the following cameras too: Pentax optio 750z- Pentax optio sv - olympus c 7000z and the casio ex p 700.

These were the ones I looked at besides the ones you mentioned and I finally bought the pentax 750z which I'm very happy with.

Good luck!
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If we look at the G6 or G-series in general, it is essentially a full manual control prosumer model with medium zoom (4x). And the S70 is a more compact version of the G6, with a bit less controls and wide angle lens.

If we look at other makes of cameras, we have quite a number of great cameras out there with very very similar features as the G6. Of course, there will be some differences in terms of megapixels and size, we can't have it all yet.

For instance, we have the Olympus C-5050, C5060WZ, C8080 and the latest C7070WZ. These offer similar levels of controls to the G-series and for some users, better ergonomics and usability, but that's subjective.

Nikon makes the CP 5700/8700/8800 (8x) and 5400/8400 (wide-angle) cameras which are good too and offer similar levels of controls with the G-series.

Sony has the very compact V1 (a bit older but still reasonably good) and the newer V3. They offer some extra features (gimmicks?) like Nightshot (everything is green here).

Panasonic makes the undisputedly great FZ20. This is probably as good as it gets in terms of lens with the f2.8 12X zoom lens. However, this camera is much bigger than the G6 (lens is bigger).

There are many more notable cameras out there, I can't tell you which is the best as what is best for me may not be the best for you. It's a matter of you going out to try them out for feel as a good camera is supposed to be a part of your body in terms of feel and usability.

Also remember that any camera that you buy will be out of date in a matter of weeks or months but the most important bit is that if you are happy with it, and use it a lot, it's worth it.
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Thanks so much for all the explanation!! I really appreciate the descriptions and list of similar cameras to consider. I think I've decided on the G6 over the S-70. However, I was just about to make a separate post looking for cameras similar to the G6 that I should consider, but now that you've done such a great job responding, I already have this list.

I'll be sure to look into those other brands and try to see some in person. I know I'm probably already outdated by even buying a G6, but I'm looking for a camera that I can keep for a long time, not upgrade w/each new model. That's why I'm putting so much effort into this search.


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If you do not need a big zoom and can do without a wide zoom lens, the G6 is one of the best choice that you can make. My friend have a G2 and he's been using it for the past 2 years and is still very happy with it.

Some tips. Get a couple of big CF cards, at least 512Mb-1Gb, 7 megapixels are memory hungry in the highest settings. Get a tripod, you'll need it for night shots and landscapes. If you can afford it, get a least 1-2 extra batteries, you'll need them for long trips. Get a nice roomy camera bag (good quality), don't save on these as you'll need the room for the extra cards, batteries, lens and filters later
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