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:?I have recently bought a Kodak DX6490 and I am not satisfied with it's performance, sometimes it's too slow and it seems to be too fragile. I want you to advice me if selling it for buying a Cannon PowerShot S1 IS would be a better acquisition or which one you suggest and what's your opinion about the one I have. Both cameras have an optical zoom of 10x, but I have heard that Cannon lens are better. AA Batteries from S1 IS are more commercial than the Kodak one. The multiangle display of the S1 IS seems to offer more creativity photographs in spite of its size that is less in comparison with the one I have. Between SD and Compact Flash memories it seems that the Canon compact flash offers more capacity and better transfer speeds and what about image stabilization that Canon incorporate, it seems a good characteristic. In the other hand my DX6490 has 4 MP CCD and the S1 IS is less with 3.2 MP. Finally I want to thank in advance for your response I am starting in photographing I like it very much and I want to take the best pictures during my trips, making good artistic ones.
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Although it's very easy and tempting to be dissatisfied with a P&S digican, and to think that there's something else that could be a lot better, chances are that that something else is also not perfect and shares some of the same limitations, and has new ones in addition. It's worth knowing what you have and the limitations of other produces in the same price ranges.

I'm surprised to hear that people think that Canon lenses are better than the Kodaks'. I'm going to guess now that this is simply wishful thinking on the part of some Canon owners who like to think so. (I'm a long-time Canon owner by the way. I also have some Zeiss and a Leica lens.) That Kodak, andmany of its siblings have Schneider lenses. This brand of lenses is at the very top of the pile in terms of general quality. In their domain, people regard them as matching or exceeding the Zeiss lenses. It is absurd the say that Canon lenses are better than Schneider (or Zeiss or Rodenstock, etc.) lenses. None of the lenses in P&S digicams are the multi-thousand professional lenses on which these companies typically earn their reputations, however the companies put their names on the lenses, and that means something. I wouldn't believe in any way that Canon lenses are better than the Kodak ones without some very specific tests and demonstrations to back that up.

Steve has a detailed review on this particular camera. He notes some optical flaws, but such flaws are very common for P&S digicams, including Canon's, and especially so for wide-range zooms (10x). Other Kodak cameras having Schneider lenses (not wide range), as I recall, have performance that is generally better than the norm for P&S digicams.

The Kodak cameras are also generally praised for their ease of use, colour, and sometimes speed. The DX6490 seems to be slower than its peers. The Canons also have some speed issues, although I can't comment directly -- please check the reviews or try them.

This Kodak also has the ability to add an external flash, which is pretty unusual for a P&S digicam, and a feature that is very useful in the hands of someone who wants to improve the quality of flash pictures, making some effort to learn about it and do so.

Bottom line -- I don't think that the DX6490 is a bad camera. I don't think that it hasa bad lens. There are likely to be somewhat better cameras more recently, esp. including other Kodak ones, but unless you've seen a detailed comparison, or handled and used it yourself, I'd caution you against assuming that they're better.

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Check out the Panasonic FZ3/ also
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Looks like you have already talked yourself into swapping.

The Kodak is a very capable camera most of the time, I have had one from mine featured as Kodak's Picture of the Day by using the 16 second exposure option, so it is creative enough for starting out with.

But these days if it says Canon or Nikon on the front , that seems to be all that matters to some.

Good luck.


35mm user and digital abuser.

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I have an S1 IS and am quite satisfied with it. It replaced my Olympus C2100UZ.

I didn't switch because I wanted a better camera, but because it used Smart Media cards and these (maybe I was unlucky) were less than reliable & I didn't want the constant drain of buying new ones.

If I lost my S1 IS I might buy another one - or I might buy the Canon A95. There's a lot to be said for each of them.

That said, I suggest that instead of replacing the Kodak, you buy a good, firm tripod, and make a point of using it whenever possible. Stay with it for a couple of years. In that time you'll get a lot of practice. Not only that but two years from now - if you then still want to switch - there'll be other and probably improved cameras to choose from......

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If switching costs nothing then switch. I am an S1 IS owner so I might be biased but I would say the S1 IS is far better than the Kodak if you are NOT using a tripod. The image stabilization arguably makes the S1 IS far better for handheld shots.

If you only care about pic quality (and don't care about video, AA batteries, flip-out LCD, and stuff like that) then the Panasonic FZ3 is better than the S1 IS.

Having said all that, if it costs money to swap, it probably isn't worth it to swap. Most of the ultra-zooms have the same problems that you mentioned. For example, the Canon S1 IS also focuses very slow (especially at 10x zoom) and has problems in low-light (eg. night, indoors without light, etc). You really won't get any miracles by swapping...

If you don't care about zoom, then you might also want to look at low-zoom cameras...
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Madwand, thank you for your post. I really appreciate the advice of taking advantage of the ability to add an external flash. I have learn in this short time that light is very important for good pictures so I am going to learn about it. If you know about some tutorials that I can find in the web I will be very thankful.

Nice post Cold Snail let me know about opportunities for participating. Thanks.

Thanks for your comments Atomicfish, Herb, Sivaram Velauthapillai. I really appreciate them.

I already have some tripods, they are really useful. I will consider buying a most sophisticated one. About selling my camera, if the business takes and it will favor me, I will do it. I will like to try a Canon EOS 300D. Finally I can't find a camera with lens mount and flip-out LCD. Tell me some with this features and what about copy rights, how do I manage this? Thank in advance.
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