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When I knew about Panasonic FX7 I thought I'd be my next camera, but I wanted a faster camara that my current Nikon 775, FX7 is faster of course, but I am not sure if enough. I don't want to lose more photos because of the start-up time.

I've also noticed the Konica Minolta X50 (very fast), but dismissed it because the picture quality was not very good (correct me if I am wrong), and now I've seen that Canon SD300 which seems to have good picture quality and is also fast. And makes 640x480 movies at 30fps, which is nice.

But I am not sure if I'll miss the OIS of the FX7 (I also lost many nice nightshots because of blur), or its big screen (Nikon 775's is tiny).

Any suggestion?
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:sad: I hoped somebody would help me
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OIS will give you sharp handheld shots in ΒΌ or less the light than a camera without it. You still can't make night shots handheld though. I would own a FX7 if it had an optical viewfinder and manual exposure settings. If that isn't a concern to you it seems to be a choice whether available light photography or movies is more important to you.
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Having IS will help you take pictures at 2-3 stops slower than you would normally be able to take, as Slipe said that won't enable you to take 1second exposures tho.

Also, many people claimed that the picture quality of the SD200 and SD300 were not amazing, but if it satisfies you, then that's all that matters... Make sure you check http://www.pbase.com/camerasfor sample pictures of the camera you plan to buy... or to make comparisons.
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I'm getting close to needing a new point and shoot, and the FX7 and SD300 are currently my top two also! My S30's LCD just went out, so I'm going to have to decide soon!

The camera will be heavily used by my wife, who only cares about aiming and snapping! Also, with two young children faster is better (the reason I originally selected the S30). I have a Panasonic FZ1 v.2, and enjoy using it very much, so a smaller Panny with OIS sounds great! My biggest worry about the FX7 is that it might not be the best camera for point and shoot in auto mode based on some lengthy discussions on dpreview.com. I've seen many comments also about noise above 100 ISO, and don't want to have to post-process everything. Oh yea, its battery life seems to leave a lot to be desired. If I had to pick today it would be the SD300 - but I keep looking for a reason to get the Panny!

Also the fact that the Canon is cheaper doesn't hurt - but the black FX7 looks cool!
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I would definetly go with the SD300. I've heard nothing but good things about it, some going so far as to say that it is one of the best P&S. My good friend owns an earlier Canon model, which is very similar to the SD300, and he absolutely loves it. The SD300 has great picture quality and is very durable. I would reccomend it even more highly if you're getting it for wife/kids, as the SD series is (are?) very user-friendly.

Good luck with your search!~Jack
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