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To make the leap from "I've decided I want to take a shot at making a living during photography." to planning on submitting to Liquid Library seems very large to me.

My suggestion would be to get into a Lens system that lets you move up to the sensor size you need. I think its safe to say that Canon has (and Nikon with a 12MP D2X is getting there) something that will fit the bill.

So I would view your question to be one of picking a system you can afford that will also let you grow correctly.

I assume you don't plan on selling to/through LL starting next week?

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Again, thanks all for the thoughtful replies. I don't know what else to say. But...

E.g. for an image of dimensions 3504** 2336 pixels, 8 bits per colour (24 bit colour)

Size = 3504 * 2336 * 3*~ 23.4 MB.** This would be a typical 20D image size for 8 bits per colour -- double this for 16-bits per colour.* The image bank quoted requires only 8 bits per colour.

Madwand, how did you get from 8 to 3 in the above formula?

Eric, I supposed it does look like a stretch. You offer good advice in taking into account the system's growth potential.

Related (i hope), in the Canon forum I noticed a lot grousing about the 20D images being soft ( in general across multiple forums, there seems to be a lot of this: ' my dslr image look terrible compared to my friend's c&p.). Any thoughts? I take it as given that postprocessing is required just like in film.

Thanks again, and I hope I can return the favor someday.

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I didn't look to see if anyone else had given you this particular answer but -- as with all cameras -- the thing that makes a camera a "professional" camera is the person that is using it. And I mean this in all seriousness. Usually when a novice or inexperienced user buys a pro level camera he still ends up taking mediocre snapshots. Ansel Adams could probably have used a pinhole camera and still been as famous as he is
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I just checked that "stock house" being discussed.
They are a purveyor of Royalty-Free goods. Which IMHO: places them on par with paparazzi in the imageing food chain.
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Madwand, how did you get from 8 to 3 in the above formula?
Each RGB pixel is a combination of 3 colours. Colours are typically represented in image files as either 8-bit or 16-bit values. (These are sometimes described as 24-bit colours (3* 8 bits) or 48-bit colours (3 * 16 bits).)

1 byte of memory is 8 bits. If you have 3 8-bit colours per pixel, you have 3 bytes.

In other words, each pixel requires 3 bytes for 8-bit colours, and each pixel requires 6 bytes for 16-bit colours.
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