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First of all hello to all !

I am about to purchase my first digital camera through a friend who's in Japan.

I've read enough reviews about all kind of digital cameras but still I feel like I need some direct help since I cannot seem to decide which camera should fit me best.

I can tell you that I have never used one before, I want to make pics both outdoors and indoors (parties. mountain trips, stadium etc.)

After reading so many reviews in the last couple of days I was thinking as main options: Canon A80, A95, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W1, Panasonic FZ3 or Canon S1 IS, Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom, Fuji FinePix S5100.

Please note that I do not intend to become a pro, so I guess you will have to advise me what to get. Also I can't say wether i preffer pocket cameras or those with improved ZOOM. I only want to make some nice photos and not regret the quality of them.

I am not keen to print the pics in large size. OK, some of them I might choose to print them as a wallpaper (1024) but these will not be by far the majority. I will also use them on my PC andonline.

Naturally I'll be happy to own a camera that should do great at night, and that zooms well.

I am asking you findly but also desperately to give me some advices about which sort of camera should fullfill my needs best. Please do recommend me some of the best choices you think of as I am in a big hurry.

Thanks a lot for helping me fellows !

P.S. Please note that I am willing to spend $400 at most and I'd like to get some extra accessories (memory cards, batteries, etc) within this amount.

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Those are all very good cameras. You have to decide for yourself whether you want a long zoom or a pocketable camera.

I have had good camera gear my entire adult life. Back in the 35mm days I always had a small pocket zoom camera to carry with me when I didn't want to carry my SLR and a bag of goodies. I have more photographs over the years from the little cameras then with the big ones. The same has been true with digital. If I could have only one digital camera I would get something I could carry everywhere. The first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. The W1 is the only camera you listed that is really pocketable.

But there are shots you can't get with the small cameras. A red-tailed hawk made a kill in my back yard today and I was barely able to get a decent shot of him eating the poor bird he caught with my 12X stabilized zoom. It would have been a waste of time with my little 3X pocket camera.

I would personally prefer the FZ3 to the other long zoom cameras. Stabilization lets you shoot handheld in many more situations and the lens quality seems to be just a tad better than the S1. If you are interested in movies the S1 is the better choice though. All of the cameras you listed will take good night shots on a tripod. None will take good night shots handheld regardless of stabilization.

If you can't put it in your pocket you might as well have some zoom capability. The A80 and A95 are excellent cameras but aren't very portable and have 3X lenses.

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From listed cameras my choice would be:

For "cary everywhere" camera A80

For "hyperzoom" camera FZ3

And what is more important for you - zoom or portability - I do not know :-)

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My vote goes to the Canon A85 (I'm assuming the A95 is pretty much the same, so go with that one if you need a little bigger than 8 x 10 prints.) I researched here for HOURS and HOURS (it was fun though!) The Canon had the photo quality I wanted with the flash abilities for indoor shots (I take indoor shots and lots of the smaller digital cameras don't have great flash capabilities. The Canon has a good flash range, but also works well at close range on skin tones, etc. Doesn't wash out the subject.) It's small enough to carry about, and is very well made. Bottom line, though, the photos are super! Good luck!

Pam P.
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Well guys, first of all I wanna thank you all for your suggestions.

Secondly, I think I've just mademy mind after all. I will choose a "pocketable" p&s so I can take it anywhere. I t suits me best this way.

The problem is I can't decide wether to buy the A80 or Sony W1.

I mean I have to choose lower price and good quality of A80 (I will definetely buy a 512 memory card also for less than a $400 total)or considering the rather expensiveW1 ( including a memory stick add-on ) but also its nice images and movie-making capabilities.

Therefore I'd like you to tell me if you know any photo-comparison sites where I can go and compare the pictures of these (or at least your opinions - which one is capable of better images).

I really hope W1+add-n memory stick will not be more than$400, at leastb not far more:?

Thanks again lads!

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