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I should buy a Canon Powershot S1 IS. I wanne have a digi cam for taking pictures of horseriding: jumping,..... so I need a good zoom and still good quality pictures in zoom and moving objects.

What do you think about the Canon Powershot S1 IS please?

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You'll find lots of reviews if you try a search on the model in the forum search box. I had a look at one today in a shop and was put off by the size of the LCD (very small). However, there's more to life than that.

Try having a look on the Canon section of the forum too.

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I have S1 IS and I think it's one of the best ultra-zooms (only the Panasonic Lumix line is better). But if you don't care about video, a camera like Panasonic FZ3 is better.

Moving objects are tough to capture, especially with zoom. So don't expect miracles. Image stabilization, which Canon S1 IS and Panasonic FZ3 have, helps a bit but the pics are still tough. Usually, you are ok if you hold your hand steady and there is lots of light; but if there is little light, it is next to impossible to take non-blurry pics at full zoom.
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I've made some serious long reasearches on the internet and finally came to the conclusion this camera would fit my needs best (read lots of reviews and stuff)
I can't afford to spend more than $450 (inlcuding add-ons like larger memory card, two sets of NiMH AA rechargables, a charger, and a case).
This is to be my very first digital camera and the reason I've chosen this one is that all I want from it is:
-good quality pics;
-nice movie clips;
-pocketable (or at least easy to carry).

I'd really appreciate any good advice regarding any major disadvantages of this item. I mean I wouldn't like to feel sorry about my money after all.

I've also noticed that S1 IS connects to a PC using USB 1.1. Well my PC got USB 2.0 so I don't know what do I need to make the connection possible. Please help me !

And please do recommend me the best rechearchable batteries for this kind of camera and also the proper memory card.

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I've also noticed that S1 IS connects to a PC using USB 1.1. Well my PC got USB 2.0 so I don't know what do I need to make the connection possible. Please help me !

Rooy, USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1, so it will work (they both have the sameconnection). 2.0 is just a faster data transfer rate than 1.1. Most computers today have 2.0 and allof themwork with 1.1.
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for what you want, you will be VERY happy with the S1. its strong points are out side. as for the FZ series being better, I have to say that the FZ serious also has its problems. The FZ20 is a nice camera and better then theS1 in many respects, however here in Canada that camera is aprox $300 more then the S1. That automatically leaves you with the FZ3 to look at.

I myself weight it in favor of the S1 because of the following.

1) Interval shooting ( time LApse) the Place the camera on the tripod, fram it up and ride your horse, you'll get up to 100 pics taken at (predetermined) intervals. this feature is great for timelapsing sunset and sunrises.

2)Lower shutter speed. the S1 has a 15 sec shutter, vs the FZ3's 8second shutter. Yes it matter to me, I wish I had bulb.

3)manual focus w/focus lock so you can set up hyperfocal distances for interval shooting, combat low light problems
and enable the use of some conversion lenses and even telescopes. ( you can also save this profile to the "c" cutom setting on the dial permenatly)

4) AA batteries for convenience and price (though panny batteries can be found pretty cheap these days). However, AA nimh batteries last WAY longer anyway.

5) compact flash vs sd. cheaper and used in more electronic goodies like Ipods and gameboys palms etc, some of which I own...

6)I actually tested the FZ3 on a dark part of the counter and niether it or the S1 could grab the focus. But with the S1, I could manually set it up, unlike the Fz3.

7) weight your getting a cam with a big zoom and an image stabilizer, it only makes sense to give it some weight! thats all ways been the preference of camera users looking for a steady shot.

8) looks and feel,really not important to most, but the FZ3 felt cheap in my hands (though Its not) and the S1 looked better to me.

9) canon menu, I love using the canon menu system and am use to it. I have a panasonic video camera PV-GS200 and hate the menu system ( and the fact I hvae to open the lcd to use, but thats another story)

10) both have small lcd screens, but you can fold out the S1 and rotate it. this option is priceless at this point.

11) I have more, bottom line I read all the bad reviews an all the sites and I'm glad I did'nt listen to any of them. I would have missed out on learning how to use a great camera that will grow along with my eagerness to try new things and work around the limitations it did/does still have.

12) I got a sweat deal and recieved 10 off a 512 meg ultra II, two sets of panasonic 2300mah batteries and 2 hour quick charger, camera bag, dital camera dvd pack w/cupons and a $50 gift card which I came back on boxing day to use on a second 512mb ultra II which was on sale for $59.99. Only the $50 gift card would have benifited we If I got the FZ3 which was only $40 cheaper and came with only a 256 meg sd card.

Really all in all, a no brainer.
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Rooy wrote:
Rooy...I don't think you'll go wrong at that price. Besides..read the review...


The conclusion that is. Sure..it doesn't have autofocus assist lamp. But we're not going to lose an arm or a leg over that...because AF assist lamps weren't even around for previous types of cameras of the same sort. And yet..we can get very decent photos from them. As long as the subject is within say 4 to 4.5 metres, and you use the appropriate settings...you'll definitely be able to take group pics etc without any problem at all.

I like AA batteries a lot..so if you get eight nimh 2100 milli-amp-hour batteries, you'll be well-equipped. My choice for the price...the S1IS..go for it. It will do just fine.
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I have an S1 & the one thing I dislike about it besides it only being a 3mp which doesn't allow cropping for 8 x10s is the manual mode. Instead of having an exposure meter, you have to half depress the shutter button to get a reading. However, to adjust the exposure you have to release the button which makes the number disappear. So its a guessing game with repeated half depressions. Then I find it hard to manually focus, which I only partially contribute to poor eyesight. If manual mode is important to you consider the FZ series. Have gotten good motion pictures with both S1 & FZ.

As far as rechargable batteries, I've got an Energizer charger that charges batteries in 30 minutes that I'd highly recommend. I chose it over the Rayovac, I believe, with 15 minute recharge cycle because it came with 4 batteries instead of only 2. Can fill 512 card , over 200 shots on recharge.

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