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Having realised I need a camera that isn't too bulky, I've moved away from the "super zooms" and the Image Stabilisation debate.

I'll mainly be taking holiday / family snaps, but still want a quality camera that gives me the chance to grow into it, should the urge arise. I've narrowed it down to:

1) Pentax 750Z

Like the 5x zoom & look of the camera

2) Sony DSC V3

Feels like a fantastic camera, slightly smaller zoom, but great features

3) Olympus C-770

10x zoom and cheapest of the three, although not the best reviews of the three

Does anyone have any advice that mayhelp to swing my view?


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770 not great reviews? My friendas you live in England go to your local WH-Smith and look at some of the reviews in the digital camera magazinesandyou will see that the cam has had 5 star reviews. As I have the 765 model which is almost the same as the 770, picture quality is very impressive, the zoom works greatand even digital zoom is a treat.Slight poor focus in low light but its a greatby at £200.If you do decide to get the c770 have a look at this review

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I'll add another camera for your consideration. The Canon G6.

This is better than the Pentax (except the 5x lens) in almost all departments. Sony V3 would come very very close to this one, a bit different in the lens, but otherwise very very similar.

The C770UZ, I've got one, love it, will recommend it. But you shouldn't be comparing the 770 with the 7MP boys (mid-zoom prosumers), it's only a 4MP 10X consumer ultrazoom.

If you do not plan to print bigger than 8X4, then the C770UZ should be a good choice. Use the savings on an extra battery and memory cards.
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These days, performance and responsiveness is the essential thing to look for. You want a camera that is considered 'very fast' which usually means a snappy focus lock, minimal shutter lag and good low light performance (where many camera tend to slow to a crawl trying to find focus).

When I read the different forums, I find that more people are complaining about slow performance than about image quality. These days, the cameras are so good that the differences are a matter of personal taste. (This camera takes slightly 'warmer' shots. That camera takes slightly 'cooler' shots.)

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I'm extremely happy with my pentax 750z!!!
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Sony V3 is probably the better of those. Since you are planning to take mostly family pics and tourist pics (which are mostly landscape, buildings, etc), I would guess that you will not use zoom that often. If that is indeed the case, then the Sony V3 (or one of its competitors, like Canon G6) will be better.

I think you should also look and see which one has the smallest wide angle. I have a Canon S1 IS (a 3MP ultra-zoom) but I find that its 38mm minimum wide-angle is kind of restrictive for indoor family pics. Taking landscape pics of buildings is also tougher with it. So I think you should see if the Sony has smaller wide angle (something below 35mm would be nice for indoor/tight shots)... (However, do note that if the wide-angle is smaller then the maximum telephoto is smaller too. So your maximum zoom distance will be nearer... I don't know if you know what I mean...)
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