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Hi everyone this is my first post. I used to own Sony P8 3.2MP but now decided to upgrade to a better digital camera in terms of mega pixel 5MP and above, better shutter speed, better zoom lens, better image quality an lastly better price performance.

I narrowed my selection to these 3-cameras :
Olympus c5060 w/ 512MB($USD 610),
Sony V3 w/256MB($USD 701) and
Canon G6 w/512MB($USD 753).

Can somebody tell me which one to select and why? Also I would very much appreciate anyone who have used any of these cameras to tell me experiance.:?:
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Usually, when you ask a question like this, the answer is "Buy what I bought!!" and people will give you the reasons why a specific camera was attractive to them. Of course, they have no idea of your preferences and requirements.

All three of the cameras you mention are capable of delivering excellent results. I suppose that one might do better than the others in one specific area but then the others would beat it in something else! If that area is important to you, then you choose that camera.

I chose the V3 but my reasons are unlikely to be relevent to you. I wanted 7Mp because I have a dye-sublimation printer that has a 7Mp resolution. I wanted a Zeiss lens because ALL my cameras have Zeiss lenses. I picked the V3 over the P150 because I wanted Aperture Priority mode which is the usual way I shoot and I picked Sony because I have had excellent luck with their cameras (and other electronics) over the years. That adds up to the V3.

Those are all very personal reasons.

Here is how I would proceed.

First, take the time to look at and hold each camera. Some will 'feel' better in your hand than others. Some may look and feel 'cheap' to you.

Second, understand your 'style' of photography. Some of the cameras in your list are acceptable left in P mode forever while others expect the photographer to take a greater role in the process and to understand why settings may need to be changed for artistic rather than technical reasons. At this level, you should be able to make those decisions in order to know when to override the camera's automatic settings.

Third, you know what sort of things you want to shoot. If you are hoping to photographactive children, then you will want to lean towards a camera that has a fast response. If you are primarily concerned with posed portraits or landscapes, then response time will be of less importance.A mountain isn't going to move while you are taking your shot but a 5 year old child will be all over the place!

By 'better shutter speed', do you mean a faster shutter speed (1/4000th vs 1/1000th) or faster response time (Shutter lag of .05 sec versus .01 sec)?

By 'Better zoom lens', do you mean a wider range (28mm-280mm) or less distortions. Sometimes the lens with the widest zoom range can have the most optical issues at either end.

You already have a Sony P8...why not consider the P150 (or the soon to appear P200)? You will find much about it that is familiar and you will gain substantially in resolution. But, I don't want to add to your list.

The first thing is to get the cameras in your hands and see how they 'feel' A camera is a tool and if the tool feels right then it is a pleasure to use and if it feels wrong then every time you pick it up it will be a chore...and eventually, it will gather dust.

Good luck...whatever you pick...take pictures!

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