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I'm trying to decide which camera to buy, the Konica-Minolta A2 or A200 or the Fuji S7000. I will be printing at 8 X 10 or smaller, but would like to be able to make larger prints as well. The Video function is important or else I would be looking at a panasonic. I have heard that there is/was a focus problem on the A2? Is this just a problem on autofocus? And was the problem fixed with the A200? I saw the A200 at a local camera store and I liked the manual zoom, which I believe the A2 also has. Manual controls on the camera are also very important, but from what I can tell they all have manual controls. The prices I have found the cameras at are Fuji S7000 - $349, Konica-Minolta A2 -$439, Konica-Minolta A200 -$499.Which camera is the best for the price?

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If you can get a new A2 for $439 grab it. The two reviews I saw that compared the two thought the A2 focused better than the A200. This is one: http://www.megapixel.net/html/issueindex.php?lang=en The A200 is made to sell a lot cheaper than the A2. It doesn't have the high quality EVF, which is the best on the market. The A200 does have the articulating LCD, but otherwise I think the A2 is a better camera.

I'm not a big fan of the S7000. You have to shoot in 12Mp mode to get really good shots. Fuji is backing off from their new generation CCDs and the cameras without then are highly rated. This has a good explanation of the resolution: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/fu..._s7000-review/

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hunt2108 wrote:
The prices I have found the cameras at are Fuji S7000 - $349, Konica-Minolta A2 -$439, Konica-Minolta A200 -$499.Which camera is the best for the price?
Theses prices are too low (BIG RED FLAG)...

Who are you looking at? A&M Photo World, Royal Camera, or another Brooklyn based company??

It's very competitive now. So, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a lot of scam artists aroundwith very nice looking web sites (and most are located in Brooklyn --operating under multiple business names -- they seem to be able to get away with it there for some reason).

Most of these dealers won't sell you a camera for the advertised price, unless you agree to buy lots of addons at inflated prices (memory cards, extended warranties, batteries, etc.).

These typesof dealerstypically call you to "confirm" your order, and then the sales pitch begins. If you refuse to buy the overpriced addons, then they'll probably refuse to ship it to you (or it will suddenly become backordered -- even though the web site says it's in stock).

Sometimes, they'llship you a partial order with high unauthorized shipping and insurance tacked on, and when you try to return it and dispute it with your credit card company, they'll try to keep the shipping and insurance, as well as a restocking fee, since the restocking fees are displayed in the policies on their web site.

I'd make sure to ask about any dealer you are considering here first.

Always check out a vendor's reputation using http://www.resellerratings.com (avoiding vendors with a small number of reviews, since some have been known to pad their own ratings).

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I'm rather new to this but I did buy a s-7000 for Christmas. My old camera was a Sony s-85, 4.1 MP. After playing with the s-700 for about a week I sent it back. Even with the high capasity rechargables, it eats themup real quick. It loves battarys. Secondly, no matter how I set the resilution on the s-7000, my old sony took better pictures. The clarity was not all that good and the colors were not natural. I didn't like the way it focused manually. There was a couple other things I didn't like but I can't remember right now. The stuff I listed was enough not to buy.

Just my 2 cents. Terry
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