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I'm trying to decide what camera to buy . I would welcome any idea's . These are my needs. I will be carrying it in a back/daypackor fanny pack.The packwill getbounced around alothiking and riding on 4 wheelers, snowmoble's , even horse back. Temps can range from below zero to mid 90's .It needs to be fairly compact . It needs to take at leasta good quality8 X 10 ,bigger would be better . I don't do many pics that size butone of the goals for this camerais to get good enlargements .Movies are not that important except to sayI would like it to havesound.I have no experience with digital camera's but I am prepared to learn how to best use the camera I buy . I would like this camera to fill my need for years , meaning I don't want to buy another one next year.Price $ 500 or less , I'd go a little more if there was a certian camera that would really fit my needs in all areas.I had pretty much decided on the CanonA95 but after seeing it, it is about as big physicaly as I would like to go .I was also concerned about the body . My understanding isit is asteel reinforced plastic body . I would still buy it if itwill serve me best.I also considered and am stilllooking atthe Canon S70.After alot of researching I feel eitherthe Canon IXUS S500 or the Sony Cyber ShotDSC-V1may be best for me . Yes No ????Any suggestion of a specific camera I may be overlooking that would better fill my needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all. KHH
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KHH wrote:
After alot of researching I feel eitherthe Canon IXUS S500 or the Sony Cyber ShotDSC-V1may be best for me .
At current prices, the DSC-V1 is a real bargain for a camera with it's capabilities, especially considering that it has a hotshoe for an external flash, laser based autofocus system for low light, ability to use add-on lens accessories, etc.

Sears actually had them for a closeout price of $299 before Christmas (but they're all sold out).

Unfortunately, most of the reputable vendors don't have this model anymore (it's been replaced with the newer V3). But, it looks like you may be able to find it still, if you look hard enough.

Make sure to check out any vendor you consider using http://www.resellerratings.com, and avoid vendors with a small number of customer reviews (as some have been known to pad their own ratings with good reviews).

Unfortunately, some of the best prices left in the price search engines are from the Brooklyn based scam artists (who are not *really* going to sell you the camera for the advertised price, unless you agree to buy lots of overpriced addons -- and I doubt if some even *really* have it in stock), or from vendors showing prices for open box cameras, or from vendors that have a reputation of adding on high "handling charges". ;-)

If you want something smaller and more pocketable, then the Canon is a decent little camera. It can't use an external flash, it's focal range isn't as good as the Sony's, it can't use external lens accessories, it will likely be slower focusing in low light, etc. But, those are the typesof tradeoffs you make for a pocketable model.

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