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About 5 months ago I bought an HP 735 from Office Depot because there were a bunch of rebates and I got it for next to nothing. Well, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Now the pictures it takes are OK, but it really seems to struggle with indoor photos (the pictures are way too dark). Also, it has an extremely long lag time from when you depress the shutter button to when it actually takes the photos and it also eats through batteries like crazy. Therefore, I'm gonna ebay this camera and pick up something better.

I need some advice on a camera that has the following (listed in order of importance):

1. Takes good indoor photos (I can stand the fact that the HP illuminates the focal point of the shot but the background basically looks black).

2. Very quick shutter release time (not sure if that's what it's called, but essentially minimal delay from when you depress the button until the picture is taken)

3. Long battery life

I've got around $250 to spend. I'll never print bigger than an 8X10 so 3-4MP is fine. I'd like at least some optical zoom and I'd prefer it be SD compatible as I've already got a 256mb card for my HP camera. Thanks.

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I just got a minolta z10. It cost 250 including shipping and a sd 256mb card. bought from abes of maine. So far it has more than enough capabilities to keep me satisfied. plus form the reviews that I have read the flash that is built in has some awesome range forits size. Before I bought it the only other digitas I had messed with were a sony 717, a sony dcp something or another, and a vivtar vivicam 3350. Thevivtar is what i have set up as a webcam and like the idea of ajunker to be carried in my pocket at all times. The two sons's belong to friends of mine. The 717 just seemed a bit to advanced for me to start with and the price is to much for now. The dcp was cute but seemed to lack the control that i wanted(I still use manual focus 35mm slrs in pure manual modes like the nikon fm and f2). So wha tthe z10 gave me seemed to be a good compremise. Looking at getting the assecory wide angle lense and severalsets of nimh's for it just as soon as I canfigureout the best deal on them.
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