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Having read many reviews and posts here, I thought I would post my findings.

First I am not a photographer at all. I played with cameras way back in school, so I know a bit about depth of field etc, but basically need a camera with a really good auto mode.
Second, I wanted a camera that is small (I have a 35mm SLR, but it is never with us to take pics).
I also take a lot of indoor/flash family type pics.
I also wanted an LCD that could be seen fairly easily.

I just purchased this camera after trying out the following:

This is not scientific, only a laypersons opinion.

First Canon SD300:Fast operation, great LCD, very poor flash, good colour, picture sharpness too soft.

Second Canon S500:Reasonable speed, small LCD, flash not too bad, good colour, sharpness a bit too soft but a bit better than the SD300 (probably would have kept it except for the LCD size).

Third Panasonic FZ7:Sexy looking, fast operation, great LCD, image stabilized, terrible flash, terrible grainy colour indoors (I really tried very hard to get a good picture from this camera I liked it so much but couldn't)

Fourth, my brother has a panasonic LC-80: Overall not bad, but screen was too small for me.

Fifth, my neabour bought a Nikon 4800: Overall not bad, but again, screen too small.

Sixth: A smaller casio (Z50) absolutely horrible.

I finally realized the super small cameras were not going to cut it.

Seventh:Canon A95, generally good, but LCD too small for me, and the camera is a bit too big.

Eighth : Pentax 750z: Poor flash, LCD so so, sharp, generally underexposed outside pics, indoor pics always had a pink tone I could never get rid of. (with the olympus, you can leave the white balance on auto but bump it one notch at a time towards red or blue).

Ninth : Olympus 7000:Best (by far) indoor flash of the bunch, good LCD, very good colour tone (white balance?), sharp pics.

I had the 750z and 7000 side by side, took and developed 20 pics each (at 2 different places) and compared them side by side.

I really wanted to hate the 7000. The memory was just way too overpriced compared to SD, but the side by side with the pentax did it.

Things I like:
Being able to shift the automatic white balance from red to blue one step at a time (one notch to blue works for me).

Sharpness, saturation, contrast settings one step at a time.

Very good indoor flash.

Manual flash button. Much easier to make sure its off when shooting outside in overcast day.

Zoom control on the end of the shutter button that also controls zoom in playback mode.

Fast, clear LCD that contrary to reviews is great in dark conditions.

I noticed with flash photos, because the flash is so strong?, it picks a much lower iso than the pentax for a better picture.

Just looking at the lens it looks bigger, like it will let in more light (but what do I know?)

Memory too expensive (although I did get a great deal at Henrys when I bought the camera at the same time).

Lens doesn't sound smooth when extending (I tried a few others at the store and they all seem to do this)

No hot shoe orplug for external flash.

Freaking manual on CD. Finally printed it but grrrrrrr.

So there you have my unbiased, totally non scientific musings.

As they say : YMMV, IMHO, etc, etc.

Hope this helps,


Btw, to print my manualI used myBrother laser fax: I told it to print sideways and 2 pages per page. Then I told it to print only odd numbers. Then I reversed the whole stack upsidedown and printed the even pages.
The end result was the whole manual printed 5x7 doublesided just like a 'real' book (using only 50 - 8 1/2 x 11 pages).
Then I got Staples to cut the pages and bind the book (cost me $6.00)

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