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I'm a newbie at digital cameras. The feature USB auto downloadfor Canon A95, does this meanthe camera when connected to the computer thru USB port,the images can be downloaded without any other kind of card reader used?Does the Sony P100 or P150have such similar functions. Thanks.
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yep... All modern cameras, including Canon A95 and Sony P100/150, support the USB interface (or in some cases FireWire). This means you can hook it up to a computer using the USB port (or FireWire port if it supports that) and transfer images to the computer. The computer will recognize your camera and transferring images is pretty simple after that.

I actually recommend, as Canon does, that you install the Canon software (Zoombrowser EX, along with CamerView and a bunch of other stuff) and use that. The bundled Canon software lets you transfer images from your camera, while also letting you transfer images from your computer to your camera (with resizing, if required)... In any case, in the worst case, simply usign the Windows built-in Fax and Scanners Wizard will let you transfer images from your camera to the computer.

As far as a card reader is concerned, that is not really needed. However, some people get it because you can use that to transfer images without hooking up your camera (some don't like the hassle of usign the camera, as well as draining the camera batteries). Others also use a card reader because it can be faster than the camera. For example, if your camera only supports USB1.1 while your card reader, memory card, and computer support USB 2, then the card reader will be much faster.... Overall, a card reader is a convenience and not really required...
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If you are running Windows XP, you can set the transfer mode to "PTP" on any of these cameras and the XP Scanner and Camera Wizard will open automaticallywhen the camera is plugged into the USB port to help you transfer pictures.

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