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I want a good pocketsize camera for mosting taking action shots. I am interested in the movie feature as I like the ability to take video even though the quality might not be that good. I usually don't print pictures any bigger than 8x10. I am guessing the SD300 is the right choice for me, but the S500 sounds good to.

Any information you might have about video mode, action shot mode and lag times would be appreciated.
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Here is a side by side comparison. Looking at the specs, we see...

* SD300 has smaller sensor (1/2.5 vs 1/1.8) so it will likely be more noisy than S500 (although I don't know for sure since the SD300 also has lower megapixels (less megapixels and larger sensor = less noise))

* SD300 is 4 megapixels vs 5MP for S500... this isn't really a big deal IMO...

* video is pretty similar in both... not real difference...

* SD300 has MUCH LARGER LCD (although its resolution is lower since it has the same number of LCD pixels as the 1.5" S500)... I think this LCD difference is huge!

* SD300 is slightly smaller than S500 (although both are pretty small)

So based on specs, the SD300 looks good. I would pick that over the S500, although the S500 is likely better (by a little bit) when it comes to noise and pic quality. I think if you are going ultra compact, you really need a big LCD (viewfinder is useless) so the 2" LCD is far more desirable than the 1.5" one IMO...

If you are looking at the SD300, you should also consider one of its key competitors, Panasonic FX7...
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I read that the video/movie mode is faster (better?) on the SD300 vs. the S500.

Is that true or do you think they are pretty much equal. If they're equal, then I'll go with the S500 just for the extra pixels.

I would like to use the video mode to video some wakeboarding, so I'd like the camera with the clearest playback.
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I think the SD300 (I have one) does have much better video capability - s500 is limited to 30sec in 640x480 or 3 minutes in 320x240 whereas it is unlimited in the SD300. I think the SD300 also does this at a higher FPS 30 v 15 and also has an ultra high speed 60fps mode at 320x240.

For the size difference, check outSteve's review of the SD300 here http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/sd300.htmlthere is a photo of it next to the s410 which is the same size as the s500.

In terms of pure picture quality the s500 is very well regarded andI think most would say it isbetter than the SD300. Note, if you already have a camera and some memory cards, the s500 takes CF cards whereas the SD300 is SD.

I'm very happy with my SD300 and would certainly recommend it to you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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