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I am in the market for a higher end dSLR and i am trying to decide which camera to buy. I am trying to decide if the features that the 20D has is worth the extra cash. I am an amatuer photographer and i am getting more and more into photgraphy.

If i go with the Digital Rebel do you think i will be restrained?? (other then printing larger prints)

thanks guys
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The dRebel is about 1/2 the price of the 20D now.

If you work out the print areas and dots per inch, the difference between a 6mp and 8mp capability is very marginal at best.

The dRebel is slower to operate than the 20D, and has a few issues with the way some controls work, you can check other dRebel users for that.

But you can get a really good lens for the price difference, if you are OK with what the dRebel gives you.

PhotosByVito, where are you? :-), could use your experiences with the dRebel here :-)

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A lot depends on what type of pictures you are going to take. Besides the 8mp vs 6, the 20D also has
  • Full time AI Servo capability - very beneficial for sports[/*]
  • FEC on the camera[/*]
  • More frames per second and more total pictures in burst mode (also very beneficial for sports and some wildlife)[/*]
  • Better high-ISO performance, including 3200[/*]
  • Ability to change metering modes[/*]
  • ETTL-II flash
There are more, but those are the biggest right off the top of my head. IMHO, sports and wildlife photographers would benefit the most from the 20D vs 300D. For landscape, portrait or general family/vacation type photos I would question if you would see enough benefit to justify twice the cost. Personally I'm a 300D owner and went through the same comparison 6 months ago (except comparing 300D to 10D) - and just couldn't pull the trigger. I know there are a few people on the forum that have upgraded from 300D to 20D (I have a feeling some out of necessity and others because there is a need to have the latest and greatest) and perhaps they would better be able to say whether the 20D was worth the extra money. But my guess is it will depend very much on whether you are heavily into types of photography that would benefit from the added features.
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John G.,

How do you find the ergonomics of the digital rebel?

Is the viewfinder bright and clear?

-- Terry
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I have no problems with the view finder. Of course it also depends on the lense (unlike point and shoot you are seeing through the lense) - so for instance my Canon 28-135 has a darker image than my Sigma 70-200. As for the rest of the ergonomics, I will say they are much better than P&S cameras. But, I have not used a 20D so I cannot say how the two would compare. I know people with an SLR background tend to like the added weight of the battery pack which gives the whole outfit a weight/size comparable to their old film SLRs.
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...and I would also add that the 20D has more AF points and been tested to have less noise than the DigReb at higher ISOs (which is helpful if you're trying to take indoor shots without a flash).

I own a DigReb and like it a lot. I downloaded the firmware hack to have FEC on camera and to get mirror lockup (important for those long night shots). I've heard people say that the controls are easier to use on the 20D.

I bought the Dig Reb used on eBay for a great price ($1200, including the kit lens, a cheapy Phoenix lens, the Canon 70-200 2.8L lens (worth almost the purchase price itself) battery grip, extra batteries, case...) . If price wasn't such a great concern for me, and if I were buying a NEW camera, I'd seriously consider the 20D... or the DigReb and one nice lens

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The 300D was a great camera in its day, and is still a decent camera. However, Canon has improvements in its line, which appear in the 20D, etc. It is speculated and hoped that some of these improvements will also appear in the 300D replacement, which is further speculated to be announced next month in a trade show.

In addition, Canon is not the only player. If you're seriously looking for the best buy in DSLR's, then it would make sense to look at the numerous other current offerings.
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Bought a Rebel, returned it, because the pictures were just not good enough for my taste. Now I have a Canon 20D, it's pretty good. Then I bought a Fuji S3, it'scolor iseven better, but the shooting speed is way, wayslower than the 20D. I would not get the Rebel, you should go for the 20D. They are not even in the same class. If you have the money and the time to shoot slow to get good quality shots, get the Fuji S3. But let me warn you, it is pretty slow because the buffer takes much longer to unload than the Canon 20D. So if you want to preview the photo you just shot, you have to wait for the buffer to unload first. The 20D is a really fast shooter because it has a very quick focus and buffer.
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I got the Drebel and have loved it since day one, my aim is to upgrade the lenses which Ive already started to do, Im getting pretty good shots out of the camera. One day I will upgrade to what ever is the latest camera of the day, something like the 20D

these are some recent shots taken with a 100-300 USM lens at 300mm handheld. not the greatest shots on earth but reasonable with a cheap DSLR, you could save on the camera and get a set of lenses then upgrade a bit later. To me the lenses are the main thing.






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One last piece of advice. The 'rumor' making rounds is Canon will announce a replacement for the 300D (Rebel) next month which will be available in March or April. If you are not in a tremendous hurry it might be worth the wait to see what improvements are made. I'm not sure when the trade show is, but if you only end up waiting another 3 weeks for the announcement that doesn't sound like a big deal. Then you can make a more informed decision. If it were potentially six months away I wouldn't say to wait, but for another month, it would probably be worth it.
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