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gn2 Jan 28, 2005 8:32 AM

Subject says it all, I need a digital camera with very good low light focus ability. I sell crt video projectors and I need a digital camera able to focus very well on the screen when I want to take pictures of the quality of image from my crt front projectors. The room is dark, and no flash can be used, but very good focus is a must to show how sharp an image I can get with a crt front projector.
Any and all suggestions of cameras in the 3-5 mega pixel size, and matching lower end price range is appreciated. Thanks very much for your time....

slipe Jan 28, 2005 9:06 AM

You don't get total magic for cheap, but you can come close with the Sony V1. They are still available for a decent price. They have the Sony holographic laser focus. Maybe someone with a V1 on the Sony forum could tell you how it focuses on a CRT. The V1 along with the top of the line Sony stable-mates with laser focusing are the best focusing cameras you can get within about 8 feet. But focusing on a CRT screen might be a little different.

I have found that most cameras focus quite well on a CRT. You might look in the reviews for cameras without a focus assist light that still focus well in limited light. Those would probably be the ones with the best focusing for your purposes.

Another approach would be to carry some of that thin tape made for presentations and run a strip of black tape across the screen. That would give the camera a high contrast target for focus. You could still see how sharp the CRT is with just a slight distraction. And the sharpness of the tape would tell you whether any fuzziness was the fault of the camera or the actual CRT.

You aren't looking for the "absolute best low light focus camera". A focus assist lamp would probably be distracting on a CRT and it might not help. The absolute best low light focus cameras have focus assist lights except for the high-end Sonys.

gn2 Jan 28, 2005 3:21 PM

I think there has been a slight misunderstanding, I use a CRT front projector, which means the image I need to photograph is projected onto an eight foot wide screen, in a dark room. Its like a huge tv, but the image is made on the screen with front projection.
I am not trying to take pictures of crt direct view televisions or screens.
I will look into the Sony you mention though, thanks !

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