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Hi everyone:

I have been looking and thought that I had my mind made up on the Nikon 4800. I loved that the movie mode was only limited by the memory card and the great zoom capabilities of the camera, but once I viewed the sample movie on Steve's site, I almost immediately changed my mind. The movie was SO pixelated! I was very disappointed. So in leiu of the Nikon (which I thought I would never stray from) I have narrowed downmy listto:

Fuji S5100
Panasonic FZ15K
I can't believe that none of the Canon's have unlimited video length....

I could easily be persuaded to buy something else if you make a case for it. Here are my requirements:

Unlimited length, good qualityvideo clips (prefer 640) with sound (please don't tell me to buy a video camera)
Excellent close ups, mostly indoor lighting
Decent zoom
Around $350-$450

Please help.


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the S1iIS is limited to 9mins or 1gig which ever comes first. Now I video tape everything, and is very rare that you would go 9 mins continously, even tape is like gold, your always pausing and recording..

Only for a live show where you wanted the whole show straight through would it be a problem. But then again, Mini DV's 1hour limit bugs me to.. Anyhoo, you can record a 1 hour video just not at good resolution/frame rate. But when you do record something at full res/frame, it looks great!

I use 30fps at 320X240 and its perfect for me, I get lots of time (40=min) and i can clean up the video in virtualdub. also, the video is prgressive not interlaced...
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As LensCapLarry mentions, the Canon S1 IS is the best ultra-zoom for video. However, when it comes to still pics or low-light pics (indoors, night, etc) it is worse than the Panasonic FZ3. So you have to decide how badly you want the video. If video is important, I would not get cameras with less than [email protected] At least 640x480 gives you something close to TV resolution (NTSC) but the lower resolution ones are too low for TV viewing IMO.

On more thing, the Canon S1 IS is only 3 megapixels... Another ultra-zoom with 4MP+ with good video is the Konica Minolta Z3 (or the newly announced Z5)...

If you can wait, you might want to wait a few months to see if Canon announces a successor to the S1 IS or another ultra-zoom with better video quality. A couple of trends that I anticipate for 2005 models are: (i) 4 megapixels will be the minimum for ultra-zooms (right now it is 3MP), (ii) some of the video-focused ones may incorporate MPEG4, which will significantly reduce memory requirements (right now, the Olympus has MPEG4), (iii) many more ultra-zooms may incorporate image stabilization, which I think is very important for zooms...
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Yeah... I don't know why Canon's compacts and ultra-compacts have inferior video??? :?:
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look at the pentax optio 750z
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Well, guess what?,,, I now happen to have a newCanon S1 to test against my Fugi 5100, and Surprise, the Fugi is Better!!!,,, indoors at night,with average lighting, the Canon showed a lot of noise at it's best resolution!,,,You'd need a floodlight to do video, and poorwhite balance in (unadjustable)Auto mode, for snaps, or video!,,, (yellowish cast, & bleeding blown out colors) No such issues with the Fugi, and It'a a lot clearer!,,, Yeah, I know,the Fugican't zoom in video mode, but the bottom line, indoors, it takes better pics & video! and the Sound quality is just as good.

Also, the Canon can't keep up with the action (it's slower then) the Fugi in successive shotswith both camerasinordinary Auto mode. Haven't had a chance to test burst mode, yet.

Oh yeah, the IS system is no big deal either, from what I can tell, especially in zoom mode, could hardly tell when it was on! maybe in movie mode it helps a bit, haven't tried it yet.

Yeah, yeah, the Canon has better (exagerated) color.

I Bet the Fugi has the Z3 beat all around also!
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