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I'm really torn between these three cameras: Canon S500 (5 MP), Canon SD300 (4 MP), and Nikon Coolpix 5200 (5 MP). They are all $399.99. Could you please help from your experience and tell me which camera I should go for? Thank you.
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I don't think you'll get many answers unless you give us a more refined list (or any list at all come to think of it) of your needs. Do you value movies? How large do you plan on printing your pictures? Do you want to crop? Are you going to be very tough on your camera (take it on hikes etc.) or is it just a P&S for your pocket? What kind of things do you want to do with your camera? Do you value manual modes? Could you be convinced to buy a different camera?

The three you chose all have strengths and weaknesses. They're all great cameras, and without more info, we really can't be of much help. I like the SD300 for rugged use. I like the 5200 for P&S and travel. I'm not sure what I like the S500 for, but I like it a lot too Also, I'd highly advise checking the reviews on this sight to get a better feel for the cameras .

Best of luck with your search!~Jack

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