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Need advice on my options for a wide angle digital camera to take indoor room shots for real estate photos. Rec'd an Olympus C5060 Wide Angle Zoom camera for Christmas, but it's larger than I prefer and maybe more advanced/professional than I need. I have been using the office camera (a Sony Mavica w/mini disc) and it, too, is large and bulky. I just need to take "point and shoot" photos with decent (but not necessarily 'professional' ) quality, which will capture as much of a room as possible, works well in different lighting conditions, and is compact in size. Thanks!
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Off the top of my head, the only compact camera with wide angle I can think of is the Canon S-line. The S70 (7MP) is the latest model, and it is really a very nice bit of equipment (I used to own it). However, the S60, which is 5MP sounds as thought it would work nicely for you.They both have a wide angle of 28mm.Both cameras have much more manual options then you probably will ever need, but you should get high quality pictures just leaving them on auto. The only things I didn't like about were the S70/60 were their size and their shutter lag. They are both compacts, but definitely not ultra-compacts. They'll fit in a coat pocket or maybe snugly in a pants pocket. Also, they have just a bit of shutter lag. Not nearly enough to mess with any pictures of stationary objects, such as a room, but for action shots, I would reccomentd the sports mode (or the equivalent, I don't remember the exact name).

Also, the Nikon Coolpix 5400 has a good wide angle lens. It's a bit bigger than the S60/70, but it's currently got a $200 rebate going on, so it's definitely worth a look. It's also quite a good camera, probably neck-and-neck with the S70, if not a bit better.

Best of luck with your search!~Jack
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